The Left Only Has Itself To Blame For Trump Supporters Not Accepting Election Results


Many who are criticizing President Trump for legally challenging the results of the election are using terms like “coup”, “banana republic”, and “third world” to describe what is going on. They wonder why Trump supporters continue to protest. “Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse congratulated Biden, why can’t you hillbillies do the same?”

Any critical observer can see the irony and hypocrisy.

The notion that the establishment projects its own sins onto those they see as a threat (Donald Trump) rings truer by the day. Trump is a fascist dictator for using the legal system to address obvious voting anomalies. The Russia witch hunt? Impeachment over a phone call with the president of Ukraine? That’s preserving our democracy. If you question it, you’re a fascist too.

If the establishment wants to know why people have questions about the election, they should look in the mirror. We were subject to 4 years of sensationalized news coverage of everything Trump tweeted. The word “bombshell” was so vastly overused that it lost all meaning. The term “the walls are closing in” became commonplace. Every swamp creature that Trump fired was evidence of his dictatorial tendencies. Efforts taken by Democrats, deep state bureaucrats, RINO Republicans, and the media to undercut Trump’s America First agenda and ultimately get him out of power were constant. Based on everything we’ve seen, do you really think that the establishment wouldn’t take measures to ensure a Biden victory? Do these people seem like the type who play by the rules?

In addition to the fact that we have no reason to trust those telling us to accept the results, there IS evidence of fraud. The only remaining question is how much.

Hundreds of people have been willing to testify under penalty of perjury that they saw things that weren’t on the up-and-up. Based on loosened safeguards in states such as Pennsylvania due to COVID-19, opportunities to stretch the rules were available. Dilbert creator Scott Adams contends that whenever there is incentive to cheat, risk of getting caught is low, and a lot of people, there inevitably will be cheating. 

Anomalies are everywhere. Does this mean fraud? Not necessarily. However, there were unprecedented voting patterns that defy conventional logic. Here is a thread of said anomalies.

Nationwide, The Epoch Times and Wall Street Journal identified 19 bellwether counties, meaning that they are usually great at predicting the winner. 1 of those 19 went to Biden (Clallam County, Washington). The other 18 not only went to Trump, but by an average of over 16 points. Even more telling, several of these counties are in Wisconsin and Michigan. If you told me that Trump would win all but 1 of the most competitive counties in America by that margin, I’d fully expect a historic blowout win for the President.

Also, Trump improved in urban areas, notably with black and Latino voters. According to Richard Baris of Big Data Poll and People’s Pundit Daily, “Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.” How convenient.

Once again, you can’t prove fraud from that fact alone. Still, what are the odds that the only big cities in which Biden outperformed Clinton just happen to be in 4 of the states that Biden needed to flip?

Another anomaly involves the number of rejected ballots. Georgia presents the best case study for this. In 2016, 6.5% of mail-in ballots were rejected in Georgia. In 2020, officials rejected 0.2%. Most of these ballots were from Atlanta and its suburbs. We can expect a small change from 2016 to 2020, but 6.5% to 0.2% is drastic. What could possibly explain this?

If the percentage of rejected ballots was anything close to the percentage in 2016, Trump wins Georgia.

In Pennsylvania, there is a major discrepancy between mail-in ballots sent out and mail-in ballots received. About 1.8 million ballots were requested, of which over 1.4 million were returned. However, nearly 2.6 million were counted. Two days after the election, ballots found by postal workers in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were ultimately what put Biden over the top in PA.

Based on this alone, it’s rational to ask questions about how this happened. Uncritically accepting the results because the media said so is foolish. The same people who assured us in 2016 that Trump could never win, legitimized a conspiracy theory about Russian collusion, used an out of context soundbite to call Trump a neo-nazi sympathizer, and insisted that Trump advised drinking bleach to treat Covid have no moral standing to tell anyone that Biden won fair and square.

The media has undertaken the cause of getting people to uncritically accept the results, and the methods are pretty transparent. Scott Adams tweeted a thread about how they are doing it.

To roughly half of the country (this number grows daily), the media has no credibility. If they didn’t bungle the last 4-5 years, maybe they’d be able to convince us Trump voters that the election was fully legitimate. Not accepting the MSM truth is the least crazy thing anyone can do.

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