Conservatives Can’t Look Away From What Leftists Post On Social Media

Prior to the Trump era, civil political discourse still existed in the United States. Extreme partisanship was on the rise during the Obama years, but the 44th President had the mainstream media on his side. Obama’s most divisive comments, such as “Trayvon could have been my son“, were subtle. In addition to practically nonexistent mainstream media scrutiny that buried many scandals, Obama’s divisive race based and rhetoric was actually amplified. This is a sharp contrast to the coverage of Donald Trump where “orange man bad” has never been a joke. The mainstream media has covered essentially all aspects of the Trump presidency negatively while turning a blind eye to radical leftists who act on MSM rhetoric.

Sadly, too many on the right still fail to understand the nature of what they’re up against. They don’t understand that the radical leftists who have been unleashed under Trump won’t be going away, and they don’t understand just how wide the scope of “radical” has become. Millions of “moderate” liberal Americans are anything but and are never taken to task for it. It is totally acceptable, encouraged even, in so called moderate liberal circles to make support of Donald Trump a deal breaker in personal relationships.

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Of course, this is because establishment politicians and their media allies have covered Trump as the second coming of Hitler. There’s no truth to any of it obviously, but there was never supposed to be. The constant framing of Donald Trump as an authoritarian, white supremacist dictator was never rooted in fact, it’s simply a way to morally justify the radical left.

When Drumpf is literally Hitler for a new reason every week, when it is constantly broadcast that Donald Trump and his supporters are enemies, it becomes a duty to any moral person to fight them. This is the framing. I mean, wouldn’t you have fought the Nazis? Well the “Nazis” are here, so go get them.

This is how we have gotten to a point where leftists don’t even view their politics as politics. Socially acceptable far left radicals may not even know they’re radical. For example, these are the same types who think any opposition to a self-described Marxist group in BLM is extremism. They’re so beaten down with emotional rhetoric that they don’t even know how authoritarian they end up sounding.

So this is not to say that everyone on the left has gone past the point of no return. The left-right dichotomy is far too oversimplified and there are plenty of liberals who just aren’t fans of Donald Trump for one reason or another. Maybe they don’t like his crude personality, the Twitter rants or the pettiness. Oftentimes, these people will tell you that they’re no fans of the “radical left” themselves.

Far too little is done to counteract the rise of radical leftists, however. Moderate liberals, like many conservatives, are intimidated by the radical left and would rather shut their mouths and go with the flow.

If radical leftists are to be confronted and beaten back, people on the right must be willing to fight back at any costs. The only way to redpill moderate liberals, apolitical people or “normie cons” is by fighting fire with fire.

Not sold on the scope and nature of the radical left? Simply pick an average joe, leftist activist and pay attention to what they share/like on social media. Time and time again, conservatives fail to understand just how rabid and off the chain the radical left has become. It is totally acceptable to hate on anything deemed a target and no boundaries are off limits. To fully grasp this, people on the right need to be forced to look.

I didn’t understand until I started this website. There was nothing I could say, no olive branch deemed worthy, absolutely no recourse with the radical left. They’ll take it to places you never thought possible without a shred of respect or honor. There is no dialogue, there is no middle ground. They will do any and all things to destroy everything American conservatives value because they fundamentally view it all as hostile.

Get a grasp of this and browse their Twitter feeds. See firsthand what is being churned out of universities and cultivated on social media then ask yourself how far off it is from red guard levels.

The radical left and “this PC shit” isn’t some college fad that will go away. It is calculated political warfare that will and has escalated to violence. If an America First movement is to be successful, they must be willing to confront the country’s enemies without hesitation. The first step in understanding this is to study our neighbors who would have turned you over to the NKVD in another time period.

A lot of this goes without saying for right-leaning individuals under the age of 25, but too many old guard conservatives underestimate the threat. The mindset of simply running from everything the left ruins needs to change, and they must understand the nature of what they’re up against. To do that, conservatives must be confronted with reality and understand that there is no point in fighting fair with someone who’s repeatedly kicking you in the nuts.

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