Hearings in Gettysburg, PA Outline widespread voter fraud

GETTYSBURG, Pennsylvania — A public hearing was held on Wednesday afternoon at the Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel to display widespread voter fraud across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Around a dozen witnesses of voter fraud testified in front of the Pennsylvania State Senate Majority Policy Committee.

A majority of the witnesses were poll watchers or officials from either Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) or the metro area of Philadelphia. Various testimonies included Republican poll watchers being blocked from entering polling stations, USB cards containing thousands of votes going missing, and voters who said machines did not certify their vote for the President.

One of the first testimonies was by a data scientist from Delaware County, PA. He said as of today — over three weeks since the election — 47 USB cards were missing that contained upwards of 50,000 votes. The witness goes on to say that the Delaware County Board of Elections failed to follow any chain of custody laws.

Another testimony was from a Republican poll watcher in the city of Philadelphia who was denied access inside a polling station. He notes that the Republican poll watcher certificate is golden while the Democrat certificate is blue. When he arrived at the polling station, he showed his golden certificated and was told he could not enter the building. He stepped outside to talk to the poll workers and the confrontation was taken on video. You can see part of the gentleman’s testimony from today here:

One other significant testimony was by a gentleman talking about spike voting that has occurred in several states including Pennsylvania. The largest case of spike votes was over 600,000 in total that came a day after the Election. Of the 600,000+ votes, over 570,000 votes were for Joe Biden and only 3,200 were for President Trump. Despite evidence like this, an audit of the near 7 million votes cast in Pennsylvania has been unable to be completed.

There were several other testimonies told at Wedneday’s hearing. If you would like to watch the entire hearing, you can watch it via RSBN here:

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