Senator Cory Booker Introduces South Africa Style Land Re-Distribution Bill

Senator Cory Booker (D- New Jersey) has introduced a bill that would establish a race based land redistribution system by 2022. Booker — along with co-sponsors Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) — announced the Justice for Black Farmers Act last Thursday. A statement released on the bill stated that the legislation is aimed at “addressing and correcting historic discrimination within the U.S. Department of Agriculture in federal farm assistance and lending that has caused Black farmers to lose millions of acres of farmland and robbed Black farmers and their families of hundreds of billions of dollars of inter-generational wealth.”

Under the Justice for Black Farmers Act, an office of the Undersecretary of Agriculture for Equitable Land Access would be established. The position would be filled via presidential appointment. The bill would create an “Equitable Land Access Service” within USDA to “acquire farmland and provide land grants of up to 160 acres to existing and aspiring Black farmers.”

The legislation would “purchase from willing sellers, at a price not greater than fair market value, available agricultural land in the United States; and subject to section 205, convey grants of that land to eligible black individuals at no cost to the eligible black individuals.”

$80 billion would be pledged towards redistributing land over a ten year period. The bill would aim to redistribute no less than 20,000 land grants in each fiscal year from 2021 through 2030. If the bill passed and the language was followed, up to 32 million acres of land could be redistributed by 2030.

“Systemic racism” has been cited as rationale for race based land distribution. Proponents of the bill have cited a rapid decrease in black farmers since the turn of the 20th century as justification while failing to mention the decline in farmers overall, black, white or otherwise.

Booker’s effort has been praised and advised by Marxist activists. The statement released from Booker’s office featured a quote from Leah Penniman, founder of Soul Fire Farm. The organization is a self described “Afro-Indigenous centered community farm committed to uprooting racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system.”

Penniman’s site is littered with Marxist terminology such as “food apartheid”, “food sovereignty” and “decolonization” of the food system. The organization is entirely afro-centric and has praised South African land redistribution efforts. “In my 25 years as a farmer and land justice worker, I never dared to imagine that such an elegant, fair, and courageous piece of legislation as the Justice for Black Farmers Act could be introduced,” said Penniman in Booker’s statement.

Archive link to above tweet from Soul Fire Farm

The legislation and activists behind it have several parallels to similar efforts in South Africa. In South Africa, targeted killings of minority white farmers have risen sharply over the past 15 years. Julius Malema — the leader of South Africa’s EFF Party and massive proponent of land re-distribution – has talked about “cutting the throat of whiteness.”

“It has become patently clear that our people want the constitution to be more explicit about expropriation of land without compensation,” said South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in 2018.

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The organization’s referenced in Booker’s statement have several ties to “great reset” advocates as well. The first tweet currently on Soul Fire Farm’s account references a “Resetting the Food System from Farm to Fork” conference at which Penniman will be speaking.

Upon clicking a link to the above mentioned ““, readers will be greeted with a statement that references UN Agenda 2030. “2030 is the deadline to achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The next decade is a chance to remake our future,” reads the statement. UN Food Chief David Beasley will also be speaking at the event, who is an Agenda Contributor to the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum of coursed launched the “Great Reset Initiative” that has now been quoted by several world leaders and politicians. Among the names who have referenced a “great reset” following the COVID-19 pandemic are John Kerry and Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau. Trudeau referenced a reset and a chance to “re-imagine economic systems,” in a video statement last week.

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  1. When is this crap going to stop? The taxpayers of this Country have wasted an estimated 27 trillion dollars attempting to help minorities in the past 50 plus years and now this. We could actually what Chuck Schumer wanted to do in NYC years ago, build lighted basketball courts. And this guy wants to be the Senate Majority Leader, heaven help this Country if he succeeds.

  2. Screw your you racist bullshit piece of trash!!! Goto hell …how about the decline of black farmers is due to the fact that there is a decline in black working families in the first place because idiots like you think you deserve shit handed to you!!! Get off your asses and work for shit because you were never a slave and neither is anyone today! Everyone has equal opportunity in the US today… get off your lazy no good ass and work yourself where you want to be just like PLENTY of hard working successful black individuals I know have done!!! MORONS!!

  3. Another leftist racist bill. ALL races have owned slaves but only one seems to be punished for it. That is what makes these bill as racists as the KKK itself.

  4. Any law that favors any ethnic or racial profile is in itself racist in premise. American ideals support the equality of all persons, not the inequality.

  5. This act is total racism. White people have no place on this earth to go. They take our money, our homes, our food and give to Blacks and illegal aliens. So where do we stand. White people have nothing..And I dont know why we do not rise and speak up for ourselves. We are in trouble…


  7. I’m just gonna say “I’m Black” from now on and apply for this free land. If they try to prove I’m not, I’ll just holler, “You’re a Racist!!” and watch em scramble to prove I’m not black.

  8. Why is anyone surprised? It is precisely the kind of thing that liberal/socialists have done throughout history. If this passes their next move will be to take property from land owners without compensation…. just like they have done before.

    1. Nah, the new land owners will just rent the land back to the white farmers, so that they don’t have to do shit but cash paychecks. They have no interest in farming.

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