Any Republican who does not stand with President Trump must be Primaried

The Republican Party in the 21st Century is a party of losers. Despite having two incumbent President’s, the party has failed to deliver to its base countless times and ran multiple weak candidates in John McCain and Mitt Romney.

But things changed in 2016. In a field of nearly twenty top-tier candidates of Senators, Governors, and Business Leaders, the most unexpected sequence of events happened. A billionaire from New York City won millions of working-class votes across the nation and swept the Republican Primaries. And even despite not having the full party establishment unity, Donald Trump easily won the 2016 Election.

By 2020, most of the Republican establishment had come around in favor of the President. But when the first chance came, many abandoned him. We even saw some of his closest aligned world leaders like Boris Johnson and Benjamin Netanyahu immediately congratulate Joe Biden after the media declared him the winner.

The Republican Establishment led by the likes of Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheyney, and others has done nothing to support the President’s court battles. They could care less if he wins. Cheyney has even called on President Trump to respect “the sanctity of our electoral process”. But when has this election ever been an ethical and open process?

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In 2022, the GOP will be defending 22 Senate seats and 20 Governor seats. Many of these so called “conservative Republicans” will be on the ballot and will have to win their Republican Primary before advancing to the General Election. The Republican Primary is the best chance to defeat many of these incumbents in deep red states like Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Here is a list of Republican Governors and Senators up for re-election in 2022 who’ve failed to stand with President Trump:

Lisa Murkowski– Senator from Alaska

Marco Rubio– Senator from Florida

Chuck Grassley– Senator from Iowa

James Lankford– Senator from Oklahoma

Pat Toomey– Senator from Pennsylvania (retiring after this term)

Tim Scott– Senator from South Carolina

Kay Ivey– Governor of Alabama

Asa Hutchinson– Governor of Arkansas

Brian Kemp– Governor of Georgia

Larry Hogan– Governor of Maryland

Charlie Baker– Governor of Massachusetts

Chris Sununu– Governor of New Hampshire

Mike DeWine– Governor of Ohio

Kevin Stitt– Governor of Oklahoma

Phil Scott– Governor of Vermont (who also voted for Biden over Trump)

And these are only the leaders who’ve acknowledged Joe Biden as the President-Elect. This does not include the dozens of Republican leaders who’ve sat on their hands during the legal battle against nationwide voter fraud.

If the Republican Party fails its voters once again, we must send a message. Any Republican who does not fight for our President, does not receive our vote in the Primary Election or the General Election. To any Republican lawmaker reading this, your re-election bid is at stake.

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