Thousands of Trump Supporters March For Election Integrity Across the Country

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters gathered at state capitals across the nation on Saturday. They gathered in protest of the increasingly shady election results and demanded election integrity. As the massive protests were underway, major media outlets began to call the race for Joe Biden. Biden supporters celebrated across the country, which was featured prominently on major media outlets and social networks alike.

The pro-Trump protests received 1/10th of the coverage as compared to pro-Biden demonstrators, but they were massive. The largest protests took place in contested states such as Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan. In each of these states, in addition to Georgia and Wisconsin, Biden is projected to win by less than 1%. Recounts are expected and the Trump campaign has already won some early legal victories, particularly in Pennsylvania.

“Audit the vote” was a popular rallying cry among the pro-Trump demonstrators. The Trump campaign has called for vote audits as bizarre voting irregularities continue to pop up. The Twitter thread below has dozens of examples, for those interested.

Protests are expected to continue with a march on Washington D.C. next weekend. The demonstrations are also expected to continue in state capitals across the country.

Donald Trump has indicated that he has no plans to concede and plans on fighting it out in court.

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