Voter Fraud caught on camera in Delaware County, PA


Three days have passed since Election Day and it’s still unclear who has won the 2020 Presidential Election. President Donald J. Trump appeared to be leading in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia on Election night but those leads have quickly disappeared. Former Vice President Joe Biden has already been declared the winner in Michigan and Wisconsin and has taken the lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia on Friday morning. But how legitimate are these results? Many have questioned the extremely higher voter turnout in Wisconsin (nearly 90%) and there is now clear video evidence of voter fraud occurring in Delaware County, PA.

Multiple videos from outside of Philadelphia have shown poll workers tampering and even filling in ballots. The first video shows two people (man in black and woman in red) stamping and filling in ballots on camera. The video has also been getting censored on Facebook and Twitter. Here is a link to the video on Twitter and we also posted the video below in case it is completely wiped off the platform.

Another video of the same people shows both women stamping and filling in ballots on Thursday night. This is all on camera and is going unnoticed by many in the media.

But there’s more. A third video shows two different people on camera filling out ballots with the camera directly over them. The woman is clearly filling out the top of the tickets where the Democratic candidates are. Police are even in the room while they do this. Again, there’s a good chance the video disappears off social media so here it is.

You can watch the live stream of vote counting currently going on in Delaware County, PA here.

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