Election Integrity Has Been Compromised Since The Mueller Probe

As it becomes increasingly likely that Joe Biden will officially be declared the winner in Pennsylvania and perhaps Georgia, the media industrial complex has demanded that everyone accept the election result without question. There can be no questioning of the numerous voting irregularities to continue to crop up. That would be fascism.

For example, down ticket Republicans have cleaned up in 2020. The national house popular vote is essentially tied. What is odd, however, is the fact that Biden has 5.5 million more votes than those that went for Democrat house races. This is compared to just 1.6 million more votes than house votes for President Trump.

On election night, everyone who watched live saw Trump’s lead evaporate in the early morning hours of the next day. It appeared as though Trump was cruising to a victory and would win Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia handily. Then, the counting froze across the country. A series of oddities took place, including a “pipe burst” in Georgia that halted the count in the Democrat stronghold of Fulton County. In Philadelphia, certified poll watchers were denied entry while those that were allowed in were obstructed. In Detroit, poll workers blocked the windows with pizza boxes.

The prevailing theme has been mail-in/absentee ballots showing up for Biden in the middle of the night at insane ratios.

Anyone who isn’t a blatant partisan can see the avenues for fraud if absentee and mail-in ballots are being counted without proper verification, as has been alleged by the Trump campaign. Trump voters deserve to know the answers to these questions. They deserve to have answers on these, and the many other irregularities not listed above.

That isn’t allowed though. The media industrial complex has declared that Joe Biden has won and there can be no questioning of that. Questioning the shady circumstances surrounding this election makes you a domestic enemy, as Nancy Pelosi declared earlier today.

Of course, the same people declaring Trump as a “fascist” for questioning election integrity are the same ones who asserted that Trump colluded with the Russian government. If we’re talking about compromised election integrity, start there.

For three + years, the American people were assured by the mainstream media and high ranking Democrats that the President colluded with Russia. Within days of Trump’s historic 2016 win, the beltway establishment that had been thoroughly upended immediately sought to de-legitimize Trump’s Presidency. The accusations were so flimsy, so outrageous, so unprecedented in the damage they did to our country. Vague “meetings” between Trump transition team members and the Russian government — meeting that incoming administrations hold with practically all foreign governments — were hailed as “proof” that the man 60 million Americans voted for was elected soley because of Russia.

A special counsel was appointed to investigate Trump’s “Russian ties” was simply a dirt digging machine. They found nothing close to the grand claims of treason and collusion that were prominently featured on CNN and NBC, just small groups of Russian Facebook trolls posting memes in favor of both Trump and Clinton. The “Steele Dossier”, which was the basis for many legal justifications for the probe, was funded by Hillary Clinton and leaked by John McCain. The outrageous and now thoroughly discredited Steele dossier alleged that Trump would engage in Moscow sex parties in which Russian hookers would pee on him.

Yes, all this was the rationale used by the ruling class as to why 60 million Americans voted against them in 2016. These absurd claims were given prominent coverage on all major networks and taken seriously all throughout the first half of Trump’s presidency. There are still radicals to this day who believe that Trump is a Russian agent.

When it is prominently claimed that the candidate 60 million Americans voted got elected due to “Russian collusion”, that undermines election integrity. It signals that even if you peacefully exercise your right to vote, partisans will manufacture a reason as to why it doesn’t count. If that doesn’t undermine election integrity, I don’t know what does.

So forgive me if Trump supporters are not willing to lay down and surrender when those who have revealed themselves to be blatantly corrupt command they do so. Despite Trump picking up record popular vote totals for a GOP candidate, surpassing that of Obama in 2008, the mainstream media continues to treat Trump supporters as a tiny fringe.

We’re witnessing the same bullying and intimidation tactics that have routinely been used by the mainstream media and their Democrat allies since 2016. An absolute blitz on social media declaring that all who stand against the radical left are Nazis, which scares Ben Shapiroite conservatives into submission. One sided analysis from legacy media outlets who have declared themselves as the fourth branch of government. It’s all meant to demoralize Trump supporters and make them think that they’re a tiny, hated, fringe minority despite making massive gains since 2016.

The Trump movement has been fighting against this playbook since 2016, and winning. Those who have proven themselves to be partisan operatives should have no credibility, and conservatives don’t have to lay down and give it to them just because they cry on social media. The far left declared an end to civility in 2016 and it’s time for conservatives to stop allowing them to set the tone.

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