Joe Biden Is Not Seeking To Unite The Country


I live in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, so suffice it to say that political ads have blitzed the screens night and day. Many ads run by the Joe Biden campaign and other Democrat PACs hail this crooked career politician as a great uniting force. They claim that Biden will restore the “soul of this nation.” 

But that couldn’t be more false. Many will say that under a Biden (or Harris) administration, Democrats and Republicans will stand alongside one another once again. According to them, President Trump and his supporters are the ones who fan the flames of hate and division. Trump is why we all hate each other and the single reason that people are dying of COVID.

Biden and his radical allies are seeking anything but unity, however. Many seem to be falling for the idea that voting for Biden will somehow subside all the hatred and division simply because the left screams loud enough. It’s like giving a three year-old a piece of candy because you just want silence. If you’re one of these moderate or right of center voters considering voting for Biden because you can’t take the chaotic nature of Trump and the lightning-fast news cycle, don’t fall for it. Hell, if you’re an old-school Democrat, don’t fall for it.

Sure, Biden may have made a career as a fairly centrist Democrat with an ability and willingness to reach across the aisle. In the present day, this is far from the case. The 90’s Joe Biden commonly packaged to rust belt voters would be considered conservative by today’s standards. It doesn’t take a lot of deep reading or speculation to see that he would be a radical leader. Biden has surrounded himself with supporters of the green new deal, BLM riots and those who believe that America is a deeply racist place that must be reformed.

Biden has routinely breathed life into unfounded conspiracies that the police target African Americans on the basis of race. Just last week he and other prominent Democrats held up Walter Wallace as a victim of a cold blooded murder. No mention of the numerous violent felonies on Wallace’s record, like a conviction for threatening a pregnant woman with a gun. It is clear that Biden sympathizes with the movement that see’s America as an apartheid regime.

On top of that, the voting record of Kamala Harris has shown her to be as far to the left as anyone, including Bernie Sanders.

Biden and Harris have made this clear during the debates.

Their stance on energy and climate change is anything but moderate. Much has been made about their plans to put hundreds of thousands of people out of work either by banning or phasing out fracking, oil, and other fossil fuels.

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Packing the Supreme Court with activist judges? They certainly didn’t deny that it was under consideration. Joe Biden refuses to even deny the idea when questioned.

Prolonging COVID-19 lockdowns and a national mask mandate? Once again, they’ve made this clear. Get ready for a two-year+ mask mandate.

And who can forget this doozie from “moderate” Joe:

The DNC’s stance on guns has moved so far to the left that many semi-automatic weapons that normal folks own for hunting or protection are on their ban wish list.

Feel the unity and healing as your first and second (and who knows what others) amendment rights are eroded. Feels great, doesn’t it?

To those of you who don’t love Trump’s off the cuff style and his ability to be insanely provocative, I understand completely. I for one enjoy it, but I digress.

Just understand that if you consider taking Biden and his platitudes about bringing Americans together over Trump’s chaos (with results), you’re taking the bait.

As many have said, Trump is a symptom, not the cause, of the divisiveness in America. Obama (and Biden) certainly contributed to it during their 8 years in power. The rhetoric around racial issues has created resentment. An Obama administration policy to institute diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives in government agencies was rolled back by a Trump executive order after it was revealed that these initiatives were laced with toxic critical race theory ideology.

Can Trump be divisive? Sure, but the lies and misrepresentations about Trump in the media and in popular culture are far more responsible for any additional division. One great example is the “fine people on both sides” hoax that is still perpetuated by the media. This false idea is pushed every day by Joe Biden. If you really thought the president called neo-nazis and white nationalists fine people, of course you’d be outraged at him and anyone who supports him. But he didn’t do it. In fact, he did the opposite.

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Doesn’t matter. The establishment wants Trump out, so they’ll spin the news in whichever way works best to achieve their desired outcome, no matter how divisive to the country. It is not Trump or his supporters who are responsible for the rioting and looting around the country. Media and leftist lies about racism are entirely to blame.

If you’re someone who wants to see conservative results in both the political and cultural space, the process is going to be uncomfortable. The left enjoys control of our cultural institutions, so when they don’t get their way, they make it known. Hollywood and the mainstream media will push its propaganda and try to convince us that any conservative victory is actually a sign that fascism/nazism/white supremacy is alive and well.

Trump appoints three Supreme Court Justices, and the left loses it. He got rid of the toxic racial indoctrination in the government, and he was called a racist. Trump made our NATO allies pay their fair share, and he’s accused of treating our allies poorly. Trump takes out terrorists, and he’s supposedly starting World War III. I could keep going.

For example, if you’re a staunch pro-lifer, and want to see Roe v. Wade thrown in a paper shredder, that’s going to come with some serious drama. Any meaningful conservative victory is going to come with some real backlash and lots of inaudible screeching from blue checks on Twitter, chicks in handmaid outfits, and Alyssa Milano.

If it’s calm and quiet, we’re losing. Don’t forget that when you go to the polls on November 3rd.

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