Oakmont Bakery Conducts Their Presidential Poll With Cookies

The Oakmont Bakery has a long running tradition of conducting a presidential election cookie poll. For over 20 years, the family-owned, Pittsburgh area bakery has sold cookies with the candidates’ faces and tracked the results.

This year, Oakmont Bakery has enjoyed enormous success. The company has sold close to 8,000 cookies to date, according to a tweet. This is up from 174 at this time in 2016.

President Trump has taken a commanding lead in this year’s poll. As of the last update, 6,241 Trump cookies have currently been sold compared to 1,610 for Biden. The cookies can be ordered via the bakery website and cost $24 a dozen. Each sugar cookies features a portrait of the respective candidates with a red background for Trump and a blue for Biden.

Due to the volatile nature of this election cycle, Oakmont Bakery owner Mark Serrao debated whether or not the tradition should continue this time around. “I really thought we should just stay away from it this year,” Serrao told CBS Pittsburgh. Ultimately, his son convinced him that the tradition must go on.

Serrao ensured the bakery’s neutrality. “The whole idea of it is to have fun. We’re not forcing anybody to buy them. We’re not endorsing any of the candidates,” said Serrao. Overall, he says that customers have largely been respectful and civil.

The poll has not always been an accurate indicator of election success. In 2012, Mitt Romney emerged victorious by a 10% margin.

The cookies will be available through election day.

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