SNL cast wishes death upon President Trump

Saturday Night Live (SNL) returned this weekend for its first live performance since March. The popular show had been postponed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. With every SNL performance, you are sure to see numerous edgy political jokes that are mostly directed towards the likes of Donald Trump.

But these weren’t the same normal jokes you typically see on SNL, where Alec Baldwin is dressed up like Trump calling China “Jina” or just being overly tiresome. The cast led by Jim Carrey (who is acting as Joe Biden) was openly hoping for death upon our President. The show opened up with a skit about last Tuesday’s Presidential debate. Towards the end of the skit, Carrey makes a joke about science and karma “teaming up” to send a message of how dangerous the virus can be. You can see the full skit here:

But it would only drag on from here. Chris Rock was the host of the night and made sure to include some jabs at President Trump as well. He immediately opens up his closing monologue saying, “President Trump is in the hospital from COVID and I just wanna say my heart goes out to COVID.” Of course, many people will find this hysterical. We’ve seen these types of comments over the past few days as radical leftists rejoice at the idea of his death.

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So, where do we go from here? We’re sure to not see the end of this. The media will continue to push the narrative that Trump is responsible for all 200,000+ deaths in America from the coronavirus. Even if Democrat governors were putting sick patients in nursing homes around seniors, the most at-risk group to this virus.

SNL can continue with this mockery as their ratings tank. Last season’s premiere had a fifteen percent viewership decrease from the year before as the show continues to appeal less and less to conservatives and those who are apolitical.

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