The Media will never accept Trump’s disavow of White Supremacy


The recent debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump provided plenty of fodder for the talking heads, but one of the big topics making rounds is whether or not the president disavowed white supremacy. 

Whenever Trump says something deemed controversial by the mainstream media, you can be assured that prominent Republicans will be grilled. Also, you can be equally assured that they will fall into the same rhetorical trap. Every. Damn. Time.

This is, and will continue to be a problem until the GOP pearl clutchers understand that these tactics are repetitive. Radicals in the media will continue to label President Trump as a leader of white supremacists. Ironic enough since Richard Spencer — the man who organized the August 2017 Charlottesville riots — has endorsed Joe Biden.

How many times has Trump been asked to disavow racism or white supremacy? It’s a lot. And he’s done it. Does he get no credit? Do corporate journalists not have memories? The only thing you see over and over again is the “very fine people” that was cut out of his full statement following the events in Charlottesville. He condemned the Proud Boys group on Sean Hannity on Thursday night but that still will not be enough for the media.

Another aspect of the trap that the right constantly falls for is that by answering and therefore legitimizing illegitimate questions, we lend credence to the left’s false narrative of widespread far-right, white supremacist violence. Any honest observer can look at all of the rioting, looting, and burning that has taken place since the George Floyd incident and see that Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other militant far-left groups are largely responsible.

Right-wing groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer have shown up in Portland, as well as a few other cities, but only as a counter to the left-wing insurgents. They have not taken to the streets in riot or caused damaged to businesses like some will want you to believe.

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The mainstream narrative from sources like CNN and MSNBC suggest that far-right violence is a very substantial problem. That Donald Trump is encouraging his supporters to take to the streets. This couldn’t be more of a lie. Just last month, a Trump supporter was MURDERED in Portland for standing against BLM and Antifa.

So why act as if the Proud Boys (who are not a white supremacist group) are even close to an equivalent of Antifa when it comes to violence and destruction? This is where a shrewd politician would flip this on its head and play offense. Trump does this exceptionally well.

Contrary to what we wish were the case, political and cultural battles aren’t won on the best ideas. Narratives win. The left already controls the media and popular culture, so they have a built in advantage. However, a Trump-like politician can use this to his advantage as long as he refuses to play on the opponent’s terms. It is important that the rest of the GOP get with the program.

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