Trump vs. Biden Presidential Debate Drinking Game

After heavy speculation that former VP Joe Biden would somehow avoid debating President Trump, he is going full steam ahead as we prepare for the first presidential debate of the 2020 Election. The upcoming debate brings a feeling like a big sporting event and thus the opportunity of a drinking game for those holding watch parties.

The stage is set for epic TV: 2 old men slinging insults at each other with Fox News’ Chris Wallace in the middle. This may be the most exciting night on TV in the past six months during the coronavirus pandemic. And with that, I present to you: The official Reality Circuit Presidential Debate Drinking Game.

P.S. You’re welcome to add some of your own rules.

Take a drink if ….

Trump says coup, deep state, witch hunt, or fake news.

Trump uses a nickname for Biden, Ex: Sleepy Joe

Trump refers to the coronavirus as the “China Virus or the Wuhan Flu”.

Trump mentions Biden’s basement.

Trump’s microphone has a malfunction.

Biden mentions an Obama policy.

Biden says he’s from Scranton.

Biden uses the word “malarkey” or the phrase “c’mon man”

Biden skips a question

Either candidates takes a sip of water

Either candidate says “Harris-Biden” or “Harris-Biden administration”

Either candidate says the upcoming election is most important election ever, or battle for the soul of the country (some form of this)

And always, please drink responsibly.

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