Mail-In Ballots Reportedly Thrown Out in Luzerne County, PA

As the Presidential election begins by mail across the country, so too have fears of vote tampering continued to grow among conservatives. Amplified by President Trump, conservatives claim that various actors affiliated with the Democratic Party will use their influence to get rid of ballots which were cast in favor of President Trump. The first such case was found in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania on Thursday afternoon.

Consistently shrugged off by Democrats, it now seems as though the worst fears of Trump and his supporters have been realized. A press release, which was obtained from the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office, confirmed that several ballots from Luzerne County were found discarded, seemingly without any reason. Luzerne County is in Northeastern Pennsylvania, a region which President Trump flipped red in 2016 and was instrumental in delivering him to the White House.

A second report, which you can find here, confirms that some tampering occurred, adding that there were nine ballots, all of which were cast for Donald Trump. The report came from the Middle District of Pennsylvania who told us the reason the ballots were discarded is because they were opened improperly by county officials.

A report like this in any state would be of grave concern. In Pennsylvania, it is especially important. The state is a part of the well known “blue wall” in the Rust Belt that President Trump flipped in 2016. A model done by FiveThirtyEight found that whoever wins Pennsylvania this election is extremely likely to win the White House. Given that Trump won Pennsylvania by such a slim margin four years ago, as well as the fact that Luzerne County is in the region that Trump needed to win, a few votes will certainly decide the White House. 

As of 4:00 PM ET we are waiting for a response from the local FBI Media Department, State Senator Yudichak, and local Fox 56 for comment. We will continue to update this story as we learn more.

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