Liberals infuriated after Trump plans to fill vacant SC seat

In 2018, Liberals across the country were furious to see Donald Trump nominate Brett Kavanaugh to replace retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy had been known as the swing vote on the court and replacing a moderate judge was too much to bear for Democrats. The left, aided by their media allies, put all hands on deck.

One question that had been brought up during and after the Kavanaugh fiasco was this: What would happen if Trump got to replace progressive icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg? We no longer have to imagine. RBG passed away on Friday at age 87, and the left went nuclear.

Totally sane reaction to RBG’s passing

We’ve become accustomed to seeing leftists go berserk when they don’t get their way. Trump’s election in 2016 was obviously a good example of such behavior. But this latest example had some doozies, including high-profile politicians and pundits possibly calling for violence.

Here are just a few examples of the latest insanity:

Left wing rage mobs aren’t complete without our friend Reza Aslan. Aslan has sent plenty of inflammatory tweets in the past, notably one about the Covington Catholic MAGA hat kids. Whenever Democrats are angry, Aslan will be there to call for violence, then try to claim that he isn’t actually calling for violence.

In a now-deleted tweet, journalist Laura Bassett commented that there will be riots if this nominee is pushed through. And those riots will be bigger. Notice how they aren’t afraid to call them riots now? Hard to say if this is a threat or just a statement of fact.

The party of “peaceful protesters” believes that making a racket outside the house of someone you disagree with is totally cool. Hopefully Cocaine Mitch has extra security for the next few months. I’m sure that showing up to his house and causing a distrubance will make McConnell totally change his mind about filling RBG’s seat with a constitutional conservative like Amy Coney Barrett.

You think they are complaining right now? Wait till we rip up Roe v. Wade.

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