The death of Jake Gardner is a casualty of Anarcho-Tyranny

Jake Gardner — an Omaha bar owner recently charged with manslaughter after shooting a man outside his business — has committed suicide. Gardner was charged with manslaughter, attempted assault, making terroristic threats and using a gun to commit a felony after shooting and killing James Scurlock on May 30. The shooting took place as protests turned violent in downtown Omaha following the death of George Floyd. Molotov cocktails were thrown and rocks were pelted at businesses before the gathering was declared unlawful by Omaha PD and cleared with tear gas.

Douglas County DA Don Kleine initially declined to bring charges against Gardner, stating that the bar owner acted in self defense. A surveillance video from Gardner’s bar shows a group of people, including Scurlock, approaching Gardner.

Gardner then pulled out a hand gun and held it by his side while he backed up. At this point, a man and a woman from Scurlock’s group tackled the bar owner. He fired his gun twice in the air, describing them as “warning shots” to the Omaha Police Department. The initial attackers ran off, but Scurlock then tackled Gardner. Kleine said that Scurlock was on Gardner’s back and had his arm around his neck. In another video, Gardner can be heard yelling “get off of me!”

According to Kleine, Gardner, his arm pinned, fired a shot that ended up hitting Scurlock in the neck-shoulder area, killing him.

An hour before the shooting, surveillance video showed Scurlock vandalizing the RDG Planning and Design architectural firm in the former Omaha Chamber of Commerce building.

Kleine declined to bring charges after a group of homicide detectives reached “a consensus that the actions of the shooter were justified”, according to the Omaha World Herald.

After intense pressure, a grand jury was called in to review the case. Heavy pressure was put on Don Kleine via activist groups and social media, with protesters at one point demonstrating outside the DA’s house. The grand jury then opted to indict Gardner, who served two tours in Iraq and suffered a traumatic brain injury. News of his suicide broke yesterday evening.

The death of this man should enrage any American who believes in the justice system. A court of law is not supposed to be subject to the rule of a mob, but with each passing day, this seems to be the case. If enough people stomp their feet and demand they get their way, they appear to get it.

Anything that can be used as fuel for racial division is instantly jumped on by nationally coordinated political entities. Jake Gardner — a small business owner — never stood a chance against anarcho-tyranny. Black Lives Matter is a movement backed by seemingly every corporation under the sun. BLM and groups like it have received millions in funding since George Floyd’s death, enjoy widespread support in the major sports leagues, have the backing of most of the entertainment industry and almost all big tech companies. To say that the Black Lives Matter movement is some underdog story of oppressed people raging against a power structure is simply insulting.

A GoFundMe page for Gardner’s legal defense was taken down, which is something that GoFundMe routinely does to targets of the mob’s wrath. Kyle Rittenhouse’s GoFundMe page was also taken down while Facebook banned any support of the teenager’s case on the platform.

Meanwhile, Jacob Blake — a man who resisted arrest, reached for a knife and had a prior conviction for sexual assault of a minor — was able to raise millions on GoFundMe. Blake was praised as a hero on social media, by high profile athletes and even Joe Biden.

So the tone has been set. If the machine has an agenda, there will be no discussion of the case. The accused will be railroaded, silenced and prosecuted while felons who are shot while committing violent acts are praised as heroes. Kyle Rittenhouse was supposed to let a man shoot him in the head, Jake Gardner was supposed to let James Scurlock take his gun and kill him. Self defense isn’t a right granted to those that Marxists have designated as enemies. In fact, discussion won’t even be allowed.

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This movement is anarcho-tyranny masked as social change. It seeks to crush dissent via mob rule while gaining tacit approval from those in the middle. It is this group that makes up the majority of the American public and it is this group alone that can end mob rule.

We got here because everyday people are afraid to state the obvious. Most Americans don’t want to get involved in these emotionally charged debates. For one, the majority of people are apolitical in general. On top of that, leftist agenda is presented as a a clear cut example of good versus evil. Dissenting opinions are considered racist, violent or unworthy of being heard and this mentality has been reinforced for years.

I mean, we’ve all been there. Why even engage with the guy who posts pictures of a burning MAGA hat on Facebook? Why even bother pissing off the social justice girl who has convinced herself that she lives in apartheid South Africa? It’s not worth your time. All that will happen is a meltdown, followed by accusations of racism and social consequences. Talk to people in private and the majority agree that “this PC sh** has gone too far”, but nobody ever challenges it out of fear.

But this is how we reached a state of anarcho-tyranny. Years of unchallenged bullying have made far left radicals and their corporate allies think they’re invincible. They have no problem constantly advancing their agenda because the other side is always playing defense, always cowering and conceding so as not to be labelled, threatened and abused.

Not challenging what all reasonable Americans, including many on the left, know to be a cancerous ideology is threatening the very foundation of the country. If charges can be brought simply because enough pressure is exerted by political activists and mega-corporations, there is no justice system. If there is no justice system, there is no country.

Jake Gardner is not the first casualty of anarcho-tyranny and sadly, he probably won’t be the last. The charges brought against him were totally unjustified and caused him to take his own life. Those who are adamant about Gardner’s guilt would never review the facts discussed above, because they don’t care. Gardner is guilty because he’s white, Scurlock was an “unarmed black man” who was gunned down in cold blood. They’ll bring up historic inequities facing the black community as if that has anything to do with the case at hand. Historical wrongs against black people means that mobs can do as they please, including attacking people in the streets, according to the far left.

If order and faith in the system is to be restored, everyday Americans have to draw a line in the sand. This is no longer about left versus right, it’s simply about preserving a civil society for future generations. “This PC stuff” isn’t an annoying college fad that’s going away, it is a venomous ideology with sinister intentions. Speak now or let them take full control.

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