Trump EO Establishing ‘1776 Commission’ is Long Overdue

At his Constitution Day press conference, President Trump announced an initiative to promote “patriotic education” in public schools nationwide. He will be forming a program called the ‘1776 Commission’ to kickstart this initiative. The Comission will work to teach students about the historical significance of America and how it’s foundation is important to proect.

Trump specifically called out the NYT Magazine’s 1619 Project, and the various works of historian Howard Zinn (notably A People’s History of the United States), as being toxic to young, impressionable people. Works such as these paint the founding of America in a very negative light that was built solely on racism and discrimination. 

Evidence of radical Marxist propaganda in K-12 schools across America has mounted, especially since Black Lives Matter has become more prominent in our society. There have been several documented instances of public school employees using anti-law enforcement and anti-American rhetoric.

Tucker Carlson has also been vocal on creating the 1776 Commission. He points out that children are being indoctrinated with the idea that the American Experiment was, and is a method for white men to retain power over everyone else. And until it is completely dismantled, there will be no justice. What is referred to as “white supremacism” by proponents of this ideology are things like the nuclear family, delayed gratification, and hard work. In other words, the things that made America great are bad and must be destroyed.

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The likely end result of this is predictable: all of the progress made during the civil rights movement will be undone. America will become a country of competing identity groups. It will be a shell of its former self with nothing that unites us.

Trump has faced criticism for this latest declaration, both from his usual detractors on the left and even some on the right. Here’s congressman Don Beyer (D):

You can argue against the President’s constitutional power to create this commisssion but if he does not do it, the left will. They will make nationwide programs to force harmful, misleading information on children. Children will be told that America is a racist nation and that there is no form of recovery. Conservatives must get rid of their aversion to using political power when it’s warranted. When government power can be used to advance conservative means, it may be worthwhile. This is yet another example of Trump being willing to fight a battle that most conservatives would simply ignore.

Trump’s recent orders abolishing critical race theory in the government as well may very well be some of the most consequential and important decisions he has made as President. Hopefully this will change the direction of America’s future for the better.

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