Major Corporations have fully embraced radical ideologies

Big business and major corporations have always been seen as being associated with the political right, but in recent years it’s impossible to say that companies even pay lip service to conservative values. Mega-Corporations have fully embraced the radical ideologies of the left to support groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Twitter account @wokecapital has done fantastic work at pointing out the insanity of these corporations that profit billions off of American consumers. It’s no secret that certain companies have embraced these radical ideologies. They do not want to be tarnished by members of the mob who will attack their opposing viewpoints and hurt what matters most to them, their revenue.

It is interesting though when companies with broad customer bases take sides on deep political topics. You’ve seen the NBA and major sports leagues fully embrace Black LIves Matter while almost every financial instituion has also backed BLM. Uber Eats even removed delivery fees on black-owned business. Here’s a list of more major companies who have fully embraced radical leftisti idelogoies.


Those not in the market for expensive yoga pants may not be familiar with Lululemon. Of course, nothing says high-priced workout gear like “decolonizing gender” (whatever the hell that means) and resisting capitalism.

Yeah, you heard right. Buy our $150 ass-huggers if you want to dismantle the oppressive structure of capitalism. Also, wearing pants to make more men look at your ass is somehow resisting the patriarchy.


The 4 major North American sports leagues have all embraced racial justice initiatives, but the NBA has taken it to the max. All courts in the league’s Orlando bubble contain ‘Black Lives Matter’ emblem’s. Players even refused to play following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI. It’s also common for players to wear BLM shirts during warm-ups. Watching basketball without being lectured is no longer an option.


McDonald’s may as well be a stand-in for most massive food or beverage companies, which by and large have embraced left-wing viewpoints. Burger King is also guilty.

It was also discovered that insiders at a public relations corporation called, Publicis Groupe has been found of having diversity training days. These days revolved around favoring people of color when hiring as well as rejecting those who support ideas of white supremacy like “Make America Great Again”. If you think this isn’t political, and isn’t blatantly taking sides, you would be mistaken.

McDonald’s also made sure that black trans women had a voice to spread their message, stop killing us. This despite over 40% of trans-teens claiming to have attempted suicide at least once.


Goodyear Tires found itself in a firestorm recently when their new employee policies surfaced. These policies gave zero tolerance to those who support police or the current President of the United States.

Once again, someone is clearly taking sides. Thankfully, the President and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany didn’t let them get away with this. McEnany came out in support of the boycott and called out Goodyear for attacking employees with conservative views.


No secret here, these streaming services are stocked with left wing propaganda. Netflix has been under fire lately for the latest film, Cuties. The French (figures) film exploits 11 year-old girls who join a twerking dance crew against their parents traditional beliefs.

Cuties aside, Hulu didn’t want to fall too far behind.

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These guys (not assuming gender) are the most insufferable. If you thought you could walk in to buy a pair of jeans next time you’re shopping, think again. You can find nothing but far-left messaging and promoting random activists on their social media accounts.

There’s not much else I can say or even joke about. They do it for me. Thanks, Gap!

Of course, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of corporations who’ve embraced radical ideologies. The cliche “Get woke, go broke” apparently doesn’t stop these companies and the recent advanced queer indigenous studies grads that fill their HR departments from signaling that they are the good guys. This is only the beginning as more major corporations embrace these policies. At least we still have MyPillow.

Surely, there is a market for companies that cut against the prevailing leftist orthodoxy. A prime example being Black Rifle Coffee Company, whose pro-military, pro-2A, and patriotic messaging has attracted people who are tired of Starbucks and every other random hipster barista-filled coffee shop. And the coffee is amazing by the way.

Boycotts are effective ways of bringing about change, but they take concentrated, dedicated efforts. As a general rule, most people who aren’t evangelical leftists don’t want to get wrapped up in this stuff. If you go to the Gap and find a pair of jeans you like, you’ll usually ignore the fact that they’re promoting neo-Marxism. Either we’re going to live with this, or we will really hit these companies in their wallets. Just complaining about it isn’t going to change much of anything.

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