The Atlantic hit piece was a Test Run for the Election


The attacks have certainly escalated as of late, and based on the proximity of the election, that should come as no surprise. Politics is a contact sport, no doubt about it. The latest hit piece comes from The Atlantic. It details President Trump’s despisement for certain members of the military. This includes calling those killed in action “losers and suckers”. As is the case with most of these “bombshell” reports, it involved anonymous sources and had unusually convenient timing.

Immediately, anyone without TDS can see some serious red flags in this accusation. If Trump said that, why was this not news when it happened in June 2018? Also, it was refuted by former National Security Advisor turned Trump-hater John Bolton in his tell-all memoir, The Room Where It Happened.

Despite the ridiculousness and the lack of credibility of this accusation, people will uncritically eat this crap up. They think Trump laughed at John McCain’s death and thinks guys like Pat Tillman are probably wimps. This isn’t going away. The continued lies and fake news hit pieces are only going to keep coming.

My theory is that this “losers and suckers” hoax from The Atlantic is a test run. If enough people buy it, this will prompt more inflammatory attacks. Polling, whether or not you think it is reliable, will inform much of what we see leading up to the election. The President’s campaign has the momentum after a successful RNC, which provided a stark contrast to the DNC. Following the DNC, Trump’s polling improved. This is notable because most candidates get a boost from their own convention, not the oppositions.

The Dems and the anti-Trump establishment has shown that they’ll go to the ends of the earth to control the narrative and keep power, so this should come as no surprise. A recent article in the New York Post mentions that a Democrat PAC will be using military-grade propaganda to counter Trump’s “disinformation” regarding COVID-19. It’s reasonable to think that this type of technology will be used elsewhere. 

The aforementioned Scott Adams has theorized that this latest absurdity was a product of artificial intelligence. About 27 minutes into the video, Scott breaks down The Atlantic’s hoax and points out the obvious (and some not so obvious) red flags.

Those who are committed Trump haters will find confirmation bias in this newest story, so what seems crazy to the rest of us fits neatly into how they view the world.

You’ve been warned. It’s getting crazy. This is only the start.

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