How the Democrats plan to steal the 2020 Election

The 2020 Election is less than two months away and like every presidential election, it’s bringing controversy. Mail-in Ballots have been the peak of the controversy. Many on the left see it as a requirement for this year’s elections due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those on the right, by contrast, see it as a plan rife with opportunities for voter fraud and either a dangerous mistake or obvious ploy that will result in a Biden victory. While the final result remains to be seen, many things said and actions taken by the democrats raise some suspicion.

During a normal election, nearly all the votes are counted within a day or two after voting and a winner is decided that night. However, this is clearly not a normal election. The postal service is not going to be able to handle this many ballots and it’s projected it could take weeks to know the true winner of the 2020 Election.

Hawkfish, a Democratic Data and Analytics company funded by Mike Bloomberg predicts a ‘red mirage’. This will cause results on election night to appear as if Trump wins massively on election night but, that Biden will come back to sweep nearly all swing states and even some red ones in the end.

If it happens like Hawkfish — a group that works for the DNC — predicts, Biden will win the 2020 Election in a 334-204 electoral landslide. That would be astoundingly huge, a bigger shock than Trump’s margin of victory in 2016. This would be close to the scale of Barack Obama’s victory in 2008. On its face, this might make sense: Democrats are galvanized, and far more of them are voting by mail.

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Three months ago, the Boston Globe reports, many high-ranking and important officials met to plan out several scenarios that may happen during the election. The most troubling scenario was one where Biden and his team refuse to concede, alleging voter fraud in swing states. They try to convince Democrat governors to send pro-Biden electors despite the results of their state, as states on the west coast seriously discuss secession if there is no change. In several scenarios, including that one, everyone waits to see what the military will do. Many predict that the secret service may have to escort Trump out of the White House.

There is also a Washington Post article which states that if there is a contested election, there will be street riots in support of Biden while his supporters in the upper echelons of government thwart Trump’s chances of a rightful electoral victory. If Trump wins the 2020 Election on greater scales than 2016, you can expect an outbreak in riots nationwide.

Maybe I simply lack faith in these institutions. These revelations combined with the constant bombardment of negative coverage of the President by the mainstream media, paints a clear picture of which candidate the system wants. Furthermore, it paints a very clear picture of what those in power will do if they don’t get their way: they will ensure that mail-in votes result in a Biden landslide, and if that doesn’t work, they will instigate a revolution in the streets and Washington echelons. 

These forces must be stopped, and we must ensure that Trump wins in a landslide in November. A Trump landslide is the only way our country will remain peaceful. 

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