Tyler Eifert to honor fallen officer David Dorn on helmet

Over the past months, athletes across the globe have taken action to speak out for social justice. The NBA put the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter‘ on its courts in Orlando while the MLB and NHL have also supported BLM. Jacksonville Jaguars TE Tyler Eifert plans to pay tribute on his helmet to slain St. Louis police captain David Dorn. Dorn was a retired officer who was murdered by rioters on June 2.

It’s been rare to see any professional athletes take a stance against Black Lives Matter. Hall of Fame LB Brian Urlacher was scolded on social media for criticizing players who sat out over the shooting of James Blake. Most players support the organization and it’s difficult for athletes to oppose their own teammates.

The NFL is allowing players to display the names of victims of police brutality along the bottom of the back of their helmets. Tyler Eifert — who just signed this spring in Jacksonville — decided he would also honor Dorn who was among the victims murdered by BLM during the George Floyd riots.

Dorn was a retired officer who was protecting a friend’s pawn shop. Looters had broken into the shop and the alarm went off leading to David being called in for protection. When he arrived at the pawn shop, he was gunned down and killed by 24-year-old Stephan Cannon. Cannon is now on trial for first-degree murder.

Ann Dorn — David Dorn’s widow — was invited to the 2020 RNC and gave a speech about her husband’s tragic death. She gave the detailed story of her husband’s murder and how he spent his life protecting those in the community. It’s truly heartbreaking and a shame how he was murdered in cold blood. You can watch the full clip here:

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