Trump speech draws large audience in Latrobe, PA

LATROBE, Pennsylvania — President Trump visited Southwest Pennsylvania on Wednesday night to rally up support ahead of November’s general election. Latrobe, Pennsylvania is the famous home of the late Arnold Palmer, a longtime friend of the President. He took the time to talk about his friend during the speech and even shared an advertisement from the 2000s on Twitter featuring the two before the rally.

Repeating his slogan from the RNC, Trump told the crowd, “My plan is made in America, Joe Biden’s plan is made in China”. He attacked Biden for supporting disastrous trade deals like NAFTA and TPP while even complimenting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for being a fellow protectionist.

Trump boasted about his record before COVID-19: his achievements with regards to border security and the wall, jobs, energy self-sufficiency, the stock market, eliminating ISIS, and tax cuts. He bragged about how the election was “in the bag” before COVID-19 came to America but he would have to create the greatest economy the world has ever seen once again. 

The DOW surpassed 29,000 and came close to breaking the previous record from February. The President described the recovery as v-shaped and could soon become a checkmark (meaning it easily surpasses numbers pre-covid). He promised, “if reelected, you will have a great year, next year economically.”

Joe Biden was constantly attacked throughout the night for being controlled by the radical left. The audience was reminded of his stance on fracking, an industry that is vital to the Pennsylvania economy. A ban on fracking could cost hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs. Of the 2020 Democratic platform, the President said, “Biden and the radical left he is controlled by hates oil, guns, and God. Even a Washington-Lincoln ticket would lose in a landslide on that platform.”

The President didn’t hold back on attacking his opponents including Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has been under heat for going into a hair salon in her district despite hair salons still being closed in San Francisco. He made sure to point out she excused herself from breaking COVID rules claiming that she was set-up by the salon owner saying, “If she was so easily set up by her salon owner, maybe this salon owner should be the Speaker of the House instead of her.”

Another topic brought up during the Latrobe speech was about the report of the President’s visit to Walter Reed Hospital last November. Multiple media sites claimed he had a series of mini-strokes and was rushed to the hospital while VP Pence stood by in charge. This is obviously all false and just another way for the media to try to lower the President’ mental state down to Joe Biden’s. Biden clearly has signs of dementia and the media has tried its best to keep it covered up.

The top moment of the speech was when the President recited his historic 2016 victory. This is something he has recently begun to do again and it seems to be a good strategy. Not only that, but many of his speeches are similar in style and substance to his message in 2016. By associating this campaign season with the energy and importance of 2016, that may well increase enthusiasm and boost popularity.

With the election only two months away, much is still left up in the air. But if Trump can recapture the electricity he had in 2016, it will do him a world of good.

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