Workers forced to study critical race theory at Sandia Labs

Whistleblowers are starting to make noise about corruption in various government agencies. This time, it’s about the prevalence of critical race theory in these supposedly prestigious institutions. Sandia Labs is one of three National Nuclear Security Administration research and development laboratories in the United States. It is federally funded by your taxpayer dollars.

Much of what we see in popular culture, media, and in academia today are various manifestations of critical theory. Some examples would be the 1619 Project, fields of study at universities such as gender and *insert racial group* studies, and things like “implicit bias training” seen at many companies. 

Now, it’s reared its ugly head in funded programs like Sandia Labs. Thankfully, it’s being called out.

Chris Rufo has been at the forefront of combating this within the halls of government, and he has enlisted the help of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and author and intellectual James Lindsay. Rufo recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss his findings.

Rufo cited several examples of this ideology, but mentioned that this is widespread throughout the federal bureaucracy. According to Rufo, “Critical Race Theory has become, in essence, the default ideology of the federal bureaucracy…”

Rufo cited 3 particularly egregious examples.

First, the Treasury Department has held seminars where consultants extoled America as a fundamentally white supremacist country.

The next example was that the FBI has been holding weekly seminars on intersectionality. Intersectionality is basically identity politics being taken to the max. According to intersectionality, everyone is part of various groups that get placed on a hierarchy of oppression. Unsurprisingly, straight white males are at the top and are oppressors.

The last point was that far-left cultural ideas has infiltrated hard sciences. The aforementioned Sandia Labs has required all white male executives to go to 3-day “re-education camps”, where they were to “write letters of apology to women and people of color”. 

Rufo pleaded with President Trump to take action and get rid of all critical race theory in the federal government via executive action. 

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In 2011, President Obama issued an executive order to promote “diversity and inclusion initiatives” in the federal government. It seems that this is the logical conclusion of that executive order.

For those who think this stuff is confined to college campuses, think again. Agencies that have a significant impact on American life have embraced this nonsense. This has become more apparent since the death of George Floyd and the riots/protests it spurned. Remember checking your email inbox a few months ago? Every major trans-national corporation sent out public apologies and condemned the death of George Floyd. These same corporations made sure to exploit “white privilege” withing their organizations.

Another notable example was when the Smithsonian — a federally funded museum –promoted material mentioning “whiteness” in an apparent attempt to educate people about racial issues. Some of the material promoted by the Smithsonian came from Robin DiAngelo, noted author of the book White Fragility, which is essentially the critical theory bible, enjoyed by guilty, white liberals.

It goes to show that no matter what we as American citizens do to elect our leaders, there are government entities that are not accountable to the people. They also embrace the same neo-Marxist theory that has taken root in academia. 

It’ll be interesting to see if Trump and any other government officials take action. Hopefully, even more people do, and not necessarily just conservatives. This theory is the antithesis of what America is supposed to be. Progress has steadily been made over the years, and this would undo all of it. Not only is critical race theory not based in reality, it is incredibly divisive, and blames people for things they can’t control. If you want a country full of people who hate each other, this is how you do it.

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