President Trump provides hope for normalcy during RNC speech

President Trump gave the closing speech for the RNC on Thursday night as he called for a return to normalcy. The Commander in Chief took the time to hit his triumphs and achievements on the economy, trade, immigration. The speech was presented at the White House with an opera singer and fireworks to close.

Many from the left have attacked the President for giving his acceptance speech fro the White House. They’ve argued that he’s “broken norms” and was in violation of the Hatch Act by accepting on federal property. Despite what the media will tell you, the RNC was far better than the DNC. The DNC appeared to be a zoom call with no live audience and zero inspiration. Joe Biden’s acceptance speech was the lowest watched of any presidential candidate since John Kerry in 2004.

A post-convention polling boost has also helped President Trump. Morning Consult released a poll on Saturday with the race cut down 4 points in just a single week. Voters are waking up to the dullness of the Biden campaign and the selection of Kamala Harris couldn’t be much worse. Harris has no working-class appeal and her history as a prosecutor is also damaging to non-white voters. But that’s Biden and the Democrats own fault for playing the diversity game over picking the most well-liked running mate.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s speech had other focuses on patriotism and returning the nation to normalcy post-COVID. He touted the achievements on key campaign promises of bringing home the troops, replacing bad trade deals like NAFTA, and of course building the wall. Opening schools was also brought up in the speech as the President has been vocal (as usual) on re-opening schools at all levels this fall.

The acceptance speech was topped off with a stunning fireworks performance and opera singer performing songs such as ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘Hallelujah’. This was extremly effective in promoting the American spirit and pride. Voters are beginning to wake up to the new Joe Biden. He is not the moderate from Delaware that was once the champion of the working class but he is now the leader of the radical mob. This election is Americanism vs those who hate our nation’s history and want our society destroyed.

The lesson is clear, the candidate who will win is the one who can promise a return to domestic tranquility and sense of normalcy. As of now, in the eyes of voters at least, that can only be President Trump.

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