Man Shot and Killed in Portland as Unrest Continues

PORTLAND, Oregon — A man was shot and killed in Portland Saturday night as riots and general unrest continued in the city. Details are still emerging and it is unclear whether or not the shooting was related to clashes between anarchist groups and Trump supporters earlier in the day; though the victim was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat, which is a Portland conservative group. New York Times reporter Mike Baker referred to Patriot Prayer as a “far right group” when tweeting about the victim. The deceased man also appeared to have a “Blue Lives Matter” patch on his shorts.

The shooting comes after Trump supporters and other right wing groups paraded through downtown Portland in pickup trucks. There were clashes between the groups, with paint balls being shot by right wing groups while objects were thrown at their vehicles. There also appeared to be several street clashes going on over the course of the night, in which the police made arrests.

Last night’s events unfolded as Portland has withstood nearly 90 days of continued rioting and general unrest. Just yesterday, demonstrators occupied Mayor Ted Wheeler’s building and demanded that he resign. The occupation continued into the night, happening just hours after Mayor Wheeler again refused Federal assistance to quell the rioting.

Federal agents have responded at points during the unrest, particularly in defense of government property. A contingent of Federal agents were at one point dispatched and tasked with defending a court house that was repeatedly attacked with firebombs.

As of this hour (4:25 AM, Eastern Time), the name of the deceased victim has yet to be released. The Portland shooting was captured on a cell phone video, though at a distance. A man can seemingly be heard shouting something along the lines of “right here” before two shots ring out. The victim can later be seen laying on the ground. No arrests have been made as of this time and specifics are still emerging.

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