Brian Urlacher calls out athletes for political sit-outs

Professional sports leagues and athletes have embraced leftist dogma over the last few years since the Colin Kaepernick kneeling. At the same time, it’s becoming obvious that there are is no athletes who stand for a conservative platform. There are some conservatives in the cultural space, but not many actually throwing haymakers.

In the wake of the Kenosha riots, the NBA, MLB, and NHL have fully tripled down on wokeness. The NBA temporarily postponed their season to combat “systematic racism” and the MLB is simply letting players do whatever they want.

Someone in the sporting world (other than based former MLBer Aubrey Huff) decided to finally call out the nonsense. Hall of Fame LB Brian Urlacher took to Instagram to share his opinion of the sit-outs. But because his opinion was not in favor of the mob, Urlacher was a dead man walking. Former teammates including RB Matt Forte accused him of being blinded by “wealth and privilege”.

Of course, this woke NFL writer isn’t a fan, but the former Monster of the Midway (who has a black son by the way) is absolutely right. Jacob Blake, the man who was shot by a cop in Kenosha, WI, was resisting arrest. He did reach for what was later discovered to be a knife while being told to comply. This was not a routine traffic stop, the police had a warrant for his arrest and he refused to comply.

Despite all these charges, Blake has been made out to be a martyr (though he’s still alive) for the BLM agenda. Therefore, this shooting is being used by athletes and their spineless leagues as yet another example of systemic racism for them to take a stand against “police brutality”.

What Brian Urlacher said is objectively true. Before long, his name was trending on Twitter with almost everything under the trend in opposition. Media hacks and other blue checks voiced their disapproval.

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Urlacher showed what every athlete whose opinion does not align with the mob will be up against. Surely, they’ll piss off some teammates. Remember when Drew Brees came out in support of standing for the National Anthem? His teammate Michael Thomas, as well as other athletes, slandered Brees as tone deaf and ignorant. Former Eagle Malcolm Jenkins quickly told Brees to “shut the f— up”. Brees immediately begged for forgiveness and shared multiple posts on Instagram about how he had ignored these deadly issues for too long.

The statement made by Brian Urlacher was clearly a direct shot at the current woke sports culture. Hopefully, he doesn’t apologize for telling the truth. In order for other athletes and celebs to speak out against woke culture, they’ll have to have thick skin.

Sadly, there’s a lot of truth to this. Immature and emotionally distraught leftists and media hacks can’t handle the idea that someone they cover or admire may support the President. There is a new structure in the sports world. Athletes must be fully aligned with the calls of the radical media. They must hate the nation that pays them millions and oppose anyone with an opinion that does not support equality and wokeism. It’ll take a few more brave souls to change this tide but it must be done.

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