Democrats Finally Condemn BLM Violence in Response to Recent Polling

It took awhile, but some Democrats are actually condemning the rioting and violence that has been continuing largely unabated throughout the summer. After either justifying it as a reasonable response to several isolated instances of police brutality or flat out denying there was a real issue, some prominent Dems have finally given in and accepted reality. Among the top Democrats to finally speak out against the looting and violence are Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Joe Biden.

Why now, you might ask?

Let CNN’s woke theologian Don Lemon explain:

Aha! Of course it’s the polls! Nothing else has prompted these politicians to condemn these *wink wink* “peaceful protests”. 

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One poll in particular is very telling. A Marquette Law School poll gauged opinions on BLM protests among residents in Wisconsin, a key state in the upcoming election. Also, it just so happens that this poll was conducted prior to the most recent unrest in Kenosha, WI, which erupted as a result of the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Common sense tells us that this change would be even more dramatic.

In June, 61 percent of Wisconsin residents approved of the protests. As of the latest round of polling conducted between August 4th and 9th, that number dropped to 48 percent. Imagine the additional impact the last few days of riots and violence in the Badger State will have on public opinion.

This shouldn’t shock anyone, but it also begs this question: how do these politicians and pundits not see that allowing left wing extremists to run rampant reflects poorly upon their party’s chances in November? You’ve really gotta be deep in that bubble. Perhaps they are.

Another thing that is fascinating is how bad Democrat officials and dem-friendly talking heads are at condemning extremism and violence from the fringes of their side. Republicans, sometimes to a fault, are almost spring loaded to own it whenever they’re confronted about one of the QAnon followers or the tiki torch crew. Trump’s refusal to throw himself in the fetal position and apologize on behalf of people he has nothing to do with is one of his most appealing qualities to the GOP base.

Time will tell what the impact of the COVID lockdowns and the BLM/Antifa unrest will be on the November elections. While most polls still have Biden ahead in key swing states, there has been a noticeable shift in recent weeks, especially with the contrast between the two conventions. With just over two months to go, anything can happen. 

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