Shootout erupts between BLM & Bedford County residents

Marchers who were a part of the Black Lives Matter organization got into a shootout late Monday night with local residents in Bedford County, PA. The group of 50+ activists was marching 750 miles from Milwaukee, WI to Washington D.C. and passing through the small, rural community. The group was trespassing on private property and refused to leave even after being asked multiple times. Conflict eventually arose and led to shots being fired.

Initially, many believed that only the local residents had shot but Pennsylvania State Police later revealed that there is evidence of both parties firing weapons. One member of the march was wounded but injuries were not serious and he was later released from the hospital. Here is a Tuesday press release from the PSP:

Following the shooting, members of BLM threatened to return to the area and burn down the homeowner’s house as well as the Bedford County courthouse. A large crowd with many carrying firearms gathered on Tuesday evening at the county courthouse to protect from any possible rioting. Despite the threats, there were no reports of members from Black Lives Matter committing any violence in the area.

It’s unclear what will happen next but at the moment there have been no arrests made.

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