Nikki Haley is the Nickelback of GOP Politicians

After the initial RNC speaker list came out, a predictable response came from the America First segment of the party that most fervently backs the president and his agenda. While the inclusion of other speakers was criticized, nobody got more shit thrown at them than Nikki Haley.

She receives a concentrated barrage of hate online, especially from those who are the most enthusiastic and dedicated of their respective arenas. Despite this, she is still popular with general conservatives and independents. A poll from April 2018 had her approval rating at 63% and was even positive among Democrats. It shouldn’t make any sense.

Criticizing Haley and her globalist, neoconservative ilk is certainly warranted. But it is getting to be a sort of hack, just like it was after the 102740th time someone made a “*insert name* listens to Nickelback” joke.

For all of the grief that Haley takes from certain segments of the GOP base and that Nickelback takes from music aficionados, they do enjoy a wide range of support and adoration. Those of us who aren’t Haley fans should attempt to understand her appeal to those who do like her. 

Haley has a certain “American dream” story that is appealing to many. She was the daughter of Indian immigrants who was able to elevate herself to become the governor of South Carolina, ambassador to the United Nations, and will surely be on the list of GOP Presidential hopefuls in 2024. Policies aside, she deserves credit for what she has accomplished. This also resonates with a lot of people, especially when the other side trashes America as an evil place where only white men can succeed.

Similarly, despite the hate, Nickelback has been one of the most successful rock bands of the last 2 decades. Their most popular songs from the mid 2000s still get plenty of air time on the radio. If people weren’t listening, they wouldn’t be swimming in cash like they are.

Trashing Nikki Haley and Nickelback online has become a form of virtue signaling. Conservatives who enjoy slandering Haley for her establishment-friendly policies and rhetoric (she hasn’t gotten woke to the power-hungry nature of the left which is my biggest criticism of her) do it to show they’re down with MAGA. People who trash Nickelback like to show that they’re not one of those middle-aged men with a goatee and an Affliction T-shirt cruising around while rocking out to “Photograph”. Nope, they’re better than that because they listen to Mumford and Sons or The Black Keys.

I deeply hope that Nikki Haley isn’t the nominee in 2024. And it’s highly doubtful she will be, but she should get a seat at the table. Acting like she has no electorate appeal is foolish. At least she hasn’t gone full Romney.

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