Rioters torch car dealership that had “Black Lives Matter” sign in Kenosha

KENOSHA, Wisconsin — Following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, rioting and arson has broken out in Kenosha. Multiple buildings and vehicles have been set ablaze as firefighters have been ordered to stand down. Rioters made their way into the courthouse at one point and set fires there while militants aimed assault rifles at police officers.

Jacob Blake — the victim in the shooting — has a long rap sheet. He once pulled a gun at a bar and was convicted of sexual assault. He had a warrant out for his arrest at the time of the shooting and the details of the encounter are still emerging. The video that started the riots shows Blake ignoring officers before getting into the front seat of his car. At that point, officers opened fire, hitting Blake seven times. He is alive, but in “serious condition” according to reports.

Ironically, a Kenosha car dealership that was set ablaze had a Black Lives Matter sign out front. Arsonists set multiple fires at the lot which have since spread throughout the entire area. A church next to the lot will likely be engulfed by the inferno, as firefighters have been told to stand down.

America, 2020 in one image.

“B-b-but I posted a black screen onInstagram!”

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