The 2020 RNC Is A Golden Opportunity For The GOP

The RNC speaker list has been revealed and features an interesting mix of politicians and other figures. The speakers include some who have found themselves in the spotlight due to internet virality.

A quick look at this list and it becomes evident which issues that the RNC and the Trump campaign will focus on for this election cycle.

There’s a clear attempt to embrace diversity and show that the Republican Party is not just the party of old white guys, which is the pervading narrative. Additionally, there will likely be an emphasis on immigration, the second amendment, and cancel culture based on some of the non-politicians who were chosen. These are all issues that the GOP can push to boost voter enthusiasm.

There is hope that the battle with Big Tech gets sufficient attention, but it is hard to say that it will from the current speakers. This should be something the GOP is pushing strongly against, especially after President Trump was censored once again on Sunday morning.

In addition to cosmetic diversity, there is also a good bit of ideological diversity. The entire spectrum of the GOP will be on display, which is a good look for the party. It is important to show that the GOP is a big tent, and disagreement on certain details is acceptable as long as the fundamentals are agreed upon.

This is very revealing. The Democrats not only failed to convince people (other than the trained seals in the media who clap for everything they do) to support them, but they appear to have pushed people away. The ball is now in Trump and the GOP’s court. 

The power of contrast needs to be used here. As conservative writer and activist Ned Ryun said in the above tweet, a “full throated embrace of Americanism” is the best way to unite the entire base, as well as provide the contrast from the Dems. It must be made clear at the RNC that they are the party of people who believe in American exceptionalism and do so unapologetically.

Remember, the Left says America was founded on racism and colonialism, and now we have to act like the best parts of America (which outnumber the bad stuff by a lot) don’t exist. Now, they hardly hide it at all. With all of his faults, Joe Biden might be the best of this bunch of speaking the language of patriotism. Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren be patriotic? Yeah, and I have a pet sasquatch.

This is a slam dunk if done correctly. It’s all about contrast.

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