‘#WrongTrump’ trends on Twitter after Robert Trump passes away

Robert Trump — the youngest sibling of President Donald Trump — passed away on Saturday evening after battling a long-term illness. The White House released a statement announcing the passing just a day after the President had visited his brother at a hospital in New York.

It didn’t take long for leftists on Twitter to mock Robert Trump’s passing. #WrongTrump was among the top trends late Saturday night and Sunday morning on Twitter. With the current political divide as strong as it is, there would be hope something like this could remain unharmed. But for the left, there is no line that can’t be crossed. It doesn’t matter who it is, if a close relative of Trump dies it’s time to celebrate.

When will conservatives understand that these people hate us? They despise us for who we worship and our political beliefs. Even the death of the President’s brother can’t hold them back from rejoicing.

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Major news publications also showed no mercy after the passing. The Washington Post’s headline stated, “Robert Trump, younger brother of President Trump, dies at 71”. Could a headline be any harsher? The head of ISIS was given a more generous headline.

Let’s hope more common conservatives can become aware of this. The media does not care anymore. They are only going to report what they want you to know. We saw this earlier this week after the murder of Cannon Hinnant and it’s only going to get worse from here.

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