Die-in Protests Have Become a Weapon for Opponents of Opening Schools

With the school year fast approaching, there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not schools should be opened, and what precautions should be taken. President Trump has been very vocal about the necessity to open schools, while he has gotten pushback from many opponents, most notably teachers unions.

A growing trend among those most opposed to going back to school is the “die-in” protest. Both teachers and students have gotten in on the act to show their concern for the impending genocide sure to occur when schools open.

Never mind that those going back to school, aside from teachers who are older or who have comorbidities, are more likely to die of the seasonal flu. But forget those pesky facts, let’s put on a show for everyone! Kinda like those grocery store employees back in April and May did. Oh wait…

How about a die in to protest the dangers of driving to school? That actually makes more sense, considering that commuting is more likely to get you killed than the China cough.

Hey, why stop here? Most of the people in power are complete pussies and would happily kowtow to a bunch of whiny, spoiled children. Just look at how college football conferences are in the process of doing an about-face and now look like they want to cancel the season. Pressure from the pro-lockdown media (the Coronabros as Clay Travis of Outkick calls them) has certainly made a big impact here.

The growing sentiment that all of the radical measures taken to slow down COVID-19 are purely political has gained steam, and reasonably so. Not like we can trust the media or their patron saint Dr. Fauci. They have worked overtime to attempt to discredit what is likely an effective treatment just be cause bad orange man said he was optimistic about it back in April.

However, a large number of pediatricians have been willing to sign a letter stating that kids should be in school this fall, and that the risk of contracting and dying from the ‘Rona is minimal, and is necessary for society to continue to function.

The fear porn pushed by the mainstream media and cynical politicians is responsible for these batshit crazy hyperbolic displays. Data being cherry picked and presented to the masses without real context has convinced people they’re in real danger, even when the science and data suggests otherwise. This is why some people lose their shit when one of their fellow supermarket shoppers doesn’t wear a mask.

We would get through this easily if we could use reason, but don’t expect that anytime soon. Fear sells, and people happily eat it up. So expect more crazy shit from crazy people.

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