Wealthy, White Leftists are at the heart of the modern Racial Divide

One can’t help but notice how quickly the current wave of Black Lives Matter protests were hijacked by mega corporations and wealthy, predominantly white leftists. Supporting BLM and posting a black square on Instagram became a trend among the latter demographic, yielding very high participation rates. Seemingly every mega corporation and sports franchise under the sun has backed this movement, which masquerades itself as championing the underdog while its backers paint a picture anything but.

Of course, predominantly white neighborhoods are not the ones experiencing police brutality. Police exist in suburbia mainly to issue speeding tickets and respond to domestic violence calls. The suburbs aren’t like the inner city, where there are far more police officers as well as those that regularly patrol.

Of course, police presence generally corresponds with violent crime rates in any given area. No matter what an egotistical woke college student says, lack of policing in the suburbs isn’t currently due to red-lining or white supremacy. The suburbs have actually gotten far less white over the years, but with median incomes remaining similar. The end result is largely the same as before, with suburbs remaining low crime areas.

So why are rich, white leftists so up in arms over an issue that doesn’t personally affect them? They’ll say it’s because of their altruism, but the reality is that most of what wealthy, white leftists do is simply posturing for other wealthy, white leftists.

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For example, “Defund the police” isn’t something that a silver spoon white liberal from the main line will be impacted by. Those most affected by lack of policing will be predominantly non-white Americans. Black Americans will of course become victims of violent crime at higher rates than all other groups, especially rich white people. We are already seeing this in the wake of the George Floyd riots, just as Baltimore saw an enormous rise in violent crime following the 2015 riots.

Following the Freddie Gray riots, Baltimore became the most violent city in the country. 2017 set a city record for homicides with 343. This made Baltimore the most deadly city in the country with a per capita murder rate of 55.8. To put this in perspective, Chicago – the leader in raw murder totals – had a per capita murder rate of 27.9 killings per 100,000 residents in 2016. Baltimore’s murder rate that year was the nation’s second worst, with 51.2 per killings per 100,000. St Louis. – another city rocked by riots following the police shooting of Michael Brown – was the most deadly city that year with 59.3. For more perspective, Juarez, Mexico experienced 43.68 killings per 100,000 in 2016.

It is no coincidence that Baltimore and St. Louis became more violent than most Mexican cities following the riots. After the riots, there was a severe drawback of policing in the most affected communities. Already the hardest hit by violent crime, these predominantly black neighborhoods became war zones when the police stopped policing. “In all candor, officers are not as aggressive as they once were, pre 2015. It’s just that fact,” said interim Baltimore Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle in 2018.

Does any of this affect wealthy, white leftists who post about de-funding the police from their cookie cutter neighborhoods? Not at all. In fact, the majority of them don’t even know that this is happening. This is a complex issue that requires complex solutions, but posturing on social media is easy. It’s not difficult to re-post an emotionally driven message that everyone else is sharing. Finger wagging at boomers about historical inequities doesn’t help anything but your own ego, either.

The reality is that wealthy, white leftists are totally insulated from the problems they speak on with such authority. “Defund the police” is just a tweet for them, violent crime is a reality for the poorest Americans.

This may be anecdotal, but I grew up with the wealthy, white leftists I describe and know how they operate. They lock their car doors as black people pass, they keep majority white circles and they just so happen live in majority white areas. They say the N-word in private, in front of me seemingly because they know I’m a nationalist and assume I talk like that……I guess? They cite red-lining as the sole reason for the suburbs remaining white while their families are the first ones to relocate when the demographics start to shift.

White leftists (not liberals) are almost exclusively wealthy, and egotistical. There’s a reason why Tim Kaine’s son and Bill DeBlasio’s daughter are with Antifa groups. Black Lives Matter isn’t something these people support because they want to help others. They support it because for them, it is simply a vehicle for power. They have no stake in these communities, so why else would they seek leadership among the BLM movement for any reason other than power?

Many of them legitimately convince themselves of their righteousness. However, it’s not hard to see the edgy man-child raging against the civilization that their ancestors built inside every wealthy, white leftist once you start looking for it. After all, rebellion is the root of most culture.

I will say that since starting this website, it’s only been wealthy, white leftists who have attacked me viciously. Only they have called me a “white supremacist” while acting as I described above. Black people are a currency to them; a toy they whip out for social approval and nothing more. They’ll be noticeably uncomfortable around inner-city black people while worshiping (and profiting) off of their culture.

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Again, it’s anecdotal, but let’s be real, we all know this is the truth about white, elitist liberals.

There are plenty of historical inequities that African Americans have experienced in this country and these plights are at the heart of these movements. It’s why stats and figures don’t sway black people who truly believe in this movement. To them, it’s not about the numbers, but a feeling of never truly belonging in this country. I empathize with that and wouldn’t try to speak on the experiences of black Americans since I am not one.

All I’m doing is pointing out the true nature of wealthy white leftists (important keywords), which is something that everybody knows about this demographic except themselves. Performative wokeness doesn’t go any further than a keyboard, consequences for other people be damned. So long as other wealthy, white leftists saw the post, so long as you had the catchiest sign at the woke photo shoot masked as a protest, the plights of other people don’t really matter.

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