Andrew And Chris Cuomo Are Either Delusional Or They Are Gaslighting Us Over COVID-19 Handling

It’s hard to tell what is true nowadays. I certainly take anything I hear from a politician with a grain of salt, and sadly, the same rule applies with the media. When politicians and media team up to concoct a narrative out of nothing, it’s a match made in hell.

Right now, this is happening with the Cuomo bros, Andrew and Chris (who also answers to “Fredo”). Andrew is the governor of New York and Chris is a CNN hack. Right now, these two are engaged in a full frontal assault at Florida governor Ron DeSantis (a Republican) and his handling of COVID-19 in the sunshine state.

With the recent spike in cases, the media machine has kicked back into China Flu gear after their temporary hiatus that consisted of insisting that the coronavirus didn’t infect the woke. 

Florida is one of the states that was the earliest to reopen its economy. Before the spike, DeSantis gave a press conference where he snapped back at those who criticized his reopening efforts.

Since this conference, Florida has had a rise in cases and deaths.

Courtesy of Tallahassee Reports

The Cuomo bros have been happy to point out that Florida’s leadership is killing its citizens.

They, like most libs, also love to get sanctimonious about masks.

We all have short memories today, given the 24/7 news cycle and all of the stupid things we argue about, but isn’t New York far and away the leader in COVID-19 deaths (though Florida’s population is larger and older)? Didn’t Andrew Cuomo order infected patients back into nursing homes? Yes and yes. I remember way back in the day when New York was a virtual petri dish with a growing body count.

And this guy and his DNC parrot brother think they can say this shit with a straight face? The absolute nerve of these two!

This is where I ask the following question: are the Cuomo bros that delusional, or are we being gaslit? Could it be both? Anyway, I’m sure objective journalist Fredo will ask tough questions of his big bro.

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