A look at the big city Mayor Wall of Shame

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, violent riots erupted across the country. If you happen to live in a city with a far left mayor, this is very bad news.

While peaceful demonstrators have also taken to the streets, many of the “protesters” haven’t been peaceful at all. Militant left wing groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter have sewn destruction and chaos in several major cities while the incompetent leaders of said cities condone, or even tepidly encourage this insanity. A movement to “defund the police” has even sprung from the fringes to the mainstream.

Shockingly (not), cities with mayors who embrace this crazy talk are the most affected by a rise in crime and unrest. Here is the leftist mayor hall of shame.

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Jacob Frey, Minneapolis.

Let’s start where the chaos started. This hipster bro was MIA while his city burned. He told his police force to stand down while rioters burned down one a police precinct. In addition to this, he and the other pinkos who run Minneapolis were too wishy-washy about defunding their police department early on, so the true believers weren’t too happy. No matter how woke he’s shown himself to be, it wasn’t enough to save Mayor Skinny Jeans from the mob, who booed him at one of the protests.

Ted Wheeler, Portland.

When I used to think of Portland, I thought about flannel, great craft beer, and the Trailblazers. Now I just see a city that is run by Antifa. They apparently also have a mayor (who would have known?) named Ted Wheeler. Portland was ground zero for these masked morons well before this latest round of riots, and Ted Wheeler could always be relied upon to do absolutely nothing, except join the rioters of course. Once again, another “I’m on your side!” moron is shocked when the mob comes for him.

Jenny Durkan, Seattle.

Another beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest has turned into a shithole under hyper-progressive leadership. Allowing the craziest people in your city to take over several blocks and establish their own independent country to own Drumpf is a great way to get on this list.

Durkan cheered as these neo-Marxist revolutionaries set up their CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) utopia. She only took action once the threat came to her front door, and the “summer of love” was over in Seattle.

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Lori Lightfoot, Chicago.

Not like violence is new to Chi-raq, people get shot here on the regular. However, their mayor has reached a new level of incompetence in the midst of this woke uprising. She’s not a fan of accountability either. 

Here’s an audio clip from a meeting of Chicago officials where an Alderman (basically a city council member) mentioned the horrid conditions in their neighborhood, and Lightfoot did not want to hear about it.

Bill De Blasio, NYC.

Hard to say if this guy is the craziest of the bunch, but when your dogshit policy ideas are applied in the biggest city in America, the effects are catastrophic. After a huge cut to the NYPD, New York is starting to trend toward Chicago levels of crime. But not to worry, he gave the green light to and assisted with the painting of a giant Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower, which I’ve been reliably informed was not a political gesture at all. Everything is A-OK in the big apple with comrade DeBlasio in charge. Just don’t expect to be allowed to go out in public anytime soon, unless you’re rioting in the name of social justice. Shootings in NYC are up 266% from this time last year.

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