The Lincoln Project and #NeverTrump Movement are a Punchline

President Trump’s big win in 2016 clearly destroyed the sanity (or revealed the insanity) of many people, and not just the left. The #nevertrump members of the Republican Party were a legitimate and formidable force in the 2016 election against Trump because of his anti-establishment talking points. Fast forward four years, and this movement which started out as a significant piece of the GOP is now essentially confined to Washington. They’ve created their own Super-PAC of ex-republican insiders called, The Lincoln Project. The group is fully ‘Riden with Biden’ and have even pushed to oust several GOP Senators facing tough re-election bids. No better way to “conserve conservatism” than elect more Democrats in Arizona and North Carolina, right?

The Lincoln Project is ironic because Honest Abe didn’t take too kindly to traitors. The aforementioned and TDS-afflicted Rick Wilson is a co-founder of this group, as are fellow Never Trumpers George aka. Mr. Kellyanne Conway (seriously, what is his marriage like?), John Weaver, and Steve Schmidt.

What started out as a movement to take Trump out to somehow save conservatism is now actively trying to turn the entire government blue.

Nothing says conservatism like trying to “dispatch” politicians who are some of the most popular with actual conservatives. And that Tucker Carlson guy only has the most watched cable news show ever, no big deal. Definitely sounds like the best way to win back the Republican Party.

Also, isn’t it ironic that they’re most threatened by the politicians who have been the toughest on China? Food for thought.

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Ironically, the guy cited in the tweet from above (John Weaver) is a Russian asset. Hilarious. I’m waiting for the investigation into foreign influence on the upcoming election…

Also, nothing says RINO quite like this: the Lincoln Project just participated in their own game of cancel culture. Staffer Ben Howe was removed from the organization for old tweets (boy, these guys fit right in with the left). The old tweets in question ranged from calling someone a “twat” to defending Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Apparently, this does not live up to the standard of “principled conservative” Rick Wilson.

Just think about it. Does this sound like a serious political movement that has real goals? Hell no. It’s a small number of people who were salty as hell that their strategy of ignoring issues that actually mattered to conservatives in favor of tax cuts, shipping jobs to China, and nation building in the middle east finally bit them in the ass in 2016.

Politicians like Mitt Romney who weren’t willing (or able) to get in the dirt and fight for their base as their opposition painted them as backward are jealous that a New York billionaire on his third wife who had no political experience was far more popular with the voters they claim to represent.

If Trump wins re-election, #nevertrump will continue to be irrelevant, except among those in the establishment. If Biden wins, they will be irrelevant altogether. 

This group of butthurt establishment Republicans appears to be on an ego preservation tour. They can’t stand Trump because he exposed them as useless in the hearts and minds of the average Republican voter. From now until the election, the hacks in the Lincoln Project will hopefully continue to provide the rest of us entertainment at their own expense.

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