Lincoln Project Co-Founder registered as Foreign Agent of Russia

A co-founder of the renegade “conservative” anti-Trump group “The Lincoln Project” registered as a foreign agent of Russia in 2019. Ex-Kasich advisor and Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver signed a six-month contract worth over $300,000 in order to lobby on behalf of the Tenam corporation, which is a subsidiary of Rosatom, which is a state-owned energy company in Russia. The filing was reported by Politico last May.

Weaver – who helped start the Lincoln Project with the help of anti-Trump grifter Rick Wilson – lobbied in favor of easing sanctions on Russia. “Weaver will lobby Congress and the Trump administration on “sanctions or other restrictions in the area of atomic (nuclear) energy, trade or cooperation involving in any way the Russian Federation,” said the filing.

The filing was brought to light by Mike Cernovich on Tuesday evening. Weaver later cancelled the contract when it was made public and reported on.

Attention is being paid to this just days after the Lincoln Project released an ad in which they accuse President Trump of working for the Russian Government. Titled “Fellow Traveler”, the ad is entirely in Russian and features a mock endorsement from Vladimir Putin. “The most important endorsement Donald Trump recieved in 2016 was not from your Senate leader, Mitch McConnell…….. Donald Trump recieved the most important endorsement of all in 2016 from our great leader, Vladimir Putin,” the ad says.

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The Lincoln Project – which is primarily made up of ex-Bush advisers/neo-cons – claims to have raised over $16 million last quarter. They plan to spend this money to elect Joe Biden while also targeting vulnerable GOP Senators, such as Susan Collins.

Despite Mueller himself stating that he found no evidence of coordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign; the “principled conservatives” of the Lincoln Project are the ones shadily lobbying for Russia. Who would’ve thought?

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