Tommy Tuberville refused to debate Jeff Sessions, didn’t vote Trump in 2016

We are less than 24 hours away from a very intriguing finale to the Alabama Senate seat runoff. With the endorsement of Donald Trump, former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville is ahead of former Alabama Senator and U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions according to most polls

Though Tommy Tuberville has the support of President Trump, he has struggled to gain a favorable image among America first conservatives. Many prominent voices on the right, including Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin have thrown their support behind Jeff Sessions. They cite past Senate achievements for Sessions, who was the first big name GOP politician to get behind President Trump. Sessions wore a MAGA hat at a Trump rally in August, 2015 and campaigned for him throughout the entirety of the primary process.

Sessions was a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight last week, in which he gained a resounding endorsement. “Sincerely, you’re one of the few politicians I do respect,” Tucker said to the former AG. Tucker cites his hard-line stance against the “Gang of 8” immigration bill as proof of Sessions’ America first ideals, as Sessions was instrumental in defeating the bill.

As for Tommy Tuberville, critics are worried that he could turn RINO. Tuberville has repeatedly claimed that he voted for President Trump in 2016, but records show that he was kicked off the voter rolls in Indiana due to inactivity. Tuberville surrogates say that this is because he lived in Kentucky at the time, but this claim is also in doubt. Ryan Girdusky tweeted a letter from Kenton County, Kentucky, stating that there are no records of Tuberville voting in the county in 2016.

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Sessions has also hit Tuberville for the fact that he didn’t move to Alabama until 2018. “My opponent just passed through the state, he hardly knows the state, I know it like the back of my hand,” Sessions said to Tucker Carlson. The former AG was also critical of the fact that Tuberville refused the opportunity to debate. “My opponent is hiding out, he won’t debate, he won’t even talk to the press. And you know if you won’t debate me or defend your values, then something is dangerous here,” Sessions went on to say. “Tommy Tuberville, at age 65, has never given any contribution to any candidate.”

Tuberville has indeed opted for a low profile in the lead up to the election, deferring press appearances to his campaign manager.

Sessions took an opportunity to jab at Tuberville’s inactivity when a rooster walked by as he was campaigning in rural Alabama. “Tommy Tuberville’s spirit animal wanders by….it’s the closest he’s come so far to debating me before the voters of Alabama!” Sessions said in a tweet.

The election is set for tomorrow, July 14, 2020. If Sessions can win with the President actively campaigning against him, it will show that the America first movement is a-lot bigger than Trump.

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