Notre Dame Football may play 2020 Season in the ACC

College football season is quickly approaching as teams and conferences are making adjustments to the fall sports schedule. The Patriot League joined the Ivy League on Monday, becoming the second Division I conference to cancel it’s fall sports. Meanwhile, the Big Ten and PAC-12 — two of the five major conferences — announced they would only play fall sports within their respective conferences.

So, what does this mean for Notre Dame Football? The Irish are one of only four FBS teams currently independent. They joined the ACC from the broken up Big East in 2012 and plays all athletics in the conference outside of football. Notre Dame also plays a minimum of five football games a season against ACC schools.

Notre Dame Football has already had 3 games cancelled this upcoming season against USC, Stanford, and Wisconsin. The Wisconsin game was a huge loss as the game was to be played in Green Bay at Lambeau Field. Here is a short list of other notable out-of-conference games that have been cancelled in 2020:

The Fightin’ Irish have 9 scheduled games remaining against Navy, Arkansas, Western Michigan, and six ACC schools. It’s likely that Arkansas and the SEC will join the other major Power 5 conferences and only play an in-conference schedule. Navy and Western Michigan are in Group of 5 Conferences which are still up in the air for how they’ll play the upcoming season.

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With Notre Dame Football possibly having to join the ACC for the short-term, who could we see added to their schedule? They are currently scheduled to play against Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Duke, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Louisville. The following ACC teams could be possible opponents:

Boston College

Florida State

North Carolina State


University of Miami

University of North Carolina

University of Virginia

Virginia Tech

Regardless of who they play, let’s hope we can see a Notre Dame Football season this fall.

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