Jorge Masvidal speaks on the dangers of communism ahead of UFC 251

In less than two days, Jorge Masvidal will be squaring up with Kamaru Usman for a much awaited title fight between the two at UFC 251. Masvidal is taking the bout on a week’s notice, replacing Gilbert Burns. Burns tested positive for COVID-19 and was unable to fight. As a result, Masvidal is stepping in and the match-up that was initially planned, is on.

The fight hype has been real, as the rivalry between the two has been brewing for over a year. Masvidal has been calling for the next shot at Usman since the former defeated Nate Diaz last November. There have been plenty of exchanges on social media and the two got into an altercation at a press event in January.

Masvidal has also been relentlessly ripping Usman on his YouTube channel, which is worth subscribing to. He will threaten you until you do (even when you do), which is an effective strategy, I’ve gotta say.

Speaking of the YouTube channel, Masvidal recently answered questions as to who he will be voting for in the upcoming election. When asked who he was voting for, Gamebred said that he’d “leave it somewhat mysterious.”

He talked about the vehement opposition that Cuban Americans have to communism, which is personal. Masvidal’s father defected from Cuba on a raft made out of tires and was almost lost at sea.

“(Cubans) that left the communism regime and came over here, you know I’m everything that stands against communism. Socialism, even Democratic Socialism, anything that’s flying under that flag that’s saying ‘we’re gonna do all these great things for you and we’re gonna give you, free benefits here and free benefits there, but we’re gonna take your freedom away’… I’m against that,” he went on to say.

“Since I can remember, I’ve been getting speeches from my dad about what the communist government looks like. From my uncles, my aunts, my cousins that came over later on in life and dropped their knowledge and wisdom on me. So I’m against anything that stands against freedom. Give me death or give me freedom,” said Jorge “Patrick Henry” Masvidal.

The top comment was someone calling Gamebred, Jorge “the commie hunter” Masvidal, which the man himself dropped a like on. I can totally get behind that nickname.

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