Trump’s Mount Rushmore Address is the latest source of Media division

The media reaction to President Trump’s Mount Rushmore address and White House address was predictable. It always is. Pick a couple lines to “fact check”, acting like they can read Trump’s mind and can discern his intentions, then tell viewers/readers why it’s the worst thing ever. 

Anyone who watched the address who’s not trying to win cheap political points would see Trump’s speech as unifying and uplifting. Any American with a little red, white, and blue running through their veins agrees with what he said, whether or not they like Trump personally.

Yet we’re being told that this speech was divisive. 

If that’s the case, there must be two sides. White and black? Republican and Democrat? Trump made no mention of that, so if that’s what the media is hearing than they’re hallucinating it. He did mention the radical left, because well, they’re the cause of the unrest. Don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself.

The division, as any objective observer would note, is between people who love America and acknowledge how truly exceptional it is, and people who want to tear it down. One side believes that this country was founded on the idea that all men were created equal, and that government exists to protect God-given rights. The other side views America as a system created to keep power for white men. That our ancestors selfishly took land from and attempted to eradicate the indigenous peoples, and fought to maintain the right to hold slaves. These people see justification in tearing down statues and monuments, because history must be viewed through the lens of oppressor vs. oppressed, and there is no room for nuance or dissent.

The latter of the two sides is small, but vocal. They’ve either fooled or coerced many very influential people to either join them or bend the knee to them. They don’t even hide the fact that they want a complete overhaul of the system.

Trump has toyed with the media in the past, and it seems that once again the same thing is happening. I doubt that Trump gave his address with that goal in mind, but it is having that effect. By opposing Trump (especially when his message is a very popular one), the media has boxed itself into a corner, and defended the indefensible. Are the New York Times and Washington Post pro-anarchist and pro-desecration of National monuments? Apparently they are. They’re telling you exactly which side they’re on. 

For all of the talk about Trump being divisive, the people who espouse this view are themselves the ones who are dividing us. It’s all here. Look at the transcript of Trump’s speech. See it for yourself. 

Trump’s speeches (both at Rushmore and at the White House) were not only politically savvy, but were what the country needed to hear. 

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