Seattle Police re-claim ‘CHAZ’ from left-wing anarchists

Seattle’s mayor ordered police to disband the autonomous zone of CHAZ on Wednesday morning after weeks of occupation. “CHAZ” (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) was formed on June 8th, 2020 in protests of the murder of George Floyd.

CHAZ was created to be separate from the local government and with the goal of a peaceful society without law enforcement. The protestors demanded the defunding of the Seattle police department, rent control implemented, and the releasing of prisoners charged with marijuana-related offenses. Once those demands had been fulfilled they would then integrate back into society.

Peace was hard to find though as four shootings occurred in the area in just a three-week span. Two teenagers were shot on Monday morning with one dead at the scene and another still in critical condition.

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The decision to break up CHAZ likely came after protesters stormed through the mayor’s neighborhood on Sunday. The mayor was furious to have her address revealed and her safety at risk. (Not like it was ever her concern that the regular citizens or business owners trapped in CHAZ were in danger)

With the conclusion of CHAZ, it’ll be interesting to follow what happens from here. It’s likely the left-wing anarchists will continue their push for anti-police legislation. The movement could also spread to other major cities nationwide.

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