Tucker Carlson Has Taken The Torch For The Right And Republicans Should Follow


As America slips into chaos and the left continues to collect the proverbial scalps of anyone who challenges orthodoxy, there have been a few brave souls who haven’t been afraid to speak truth. Cancel culture is at its peak, and the stakes are high. One need not look far to see some hostage video where someone is apologizing for no real reason.

This apology is for the unforgivable sin of wearing an OAN T shirt.

One person in particular has been willing to step in and call out bullshit in real time. That person is Tucker Carlson, who i would argue has become the voice of not only the Right, but normal everyday Americans who want to live their lives and who love America and what it stands for.

The job of media is to hold the powerful accountable. This does not mean looking for anything under the sun to blame the Drumpf, believe it or not. It means questioning authority and asking why our current political and social climate is where it currently is, and resisting the knee jerk tendency to scream “racism!”

It is also refreshing to see someone call out their own side. Tucker has been more than happy to go scorched earth on many Republican leaders who seem disinterested in doing anything to rein in big tech and stand up to the mob. Statues continue to get taken down by historically illiterate nut jobs and most of the GOP is silent, patiently (and foolishly) hoping for the mob behavior to end. 

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The left wingers who vote for radical left Democrats can typically count on their favorite politicians to go to Washington and begin pushing their agenda, all while conservatives continue to conserve damn near nothing. The average American has been largely forgotten by the DC Establishment. If there was one big lesson to be learned from 2016, it’s that you must be accountable to everyday Americans.

Sure, Tucker is insanely rich and will never have to worry about paying the bills, but there is nobody else with a major platform on the right who has taken as much enemy fire. For every inconvenient truth that he drops on the Left and the weak underbelly of the Right, (sadly, this is most of them) more activist groups like Media Matters and Sleeping Giants go after his sponsors. With the great “awokening” in full swing, many corporations have signed on to this (just check your email and you’ll see proof of this) Marxist movement.

This moron is the CEO of T-Mobile. This is how a lot of corporations roll nowadays.

The Media Matters Gestapo has come after Tucker before. They tried to gin up an outrage mob over things Tucker said on a radio show over a decade ago. Instead of an apology, Tucker fired back.

Tucker then fired back by unearthing some unsavory moments from Media Matters president Angelo Carusone’s past.

This is how it’s done people.

When the rest of the world buckles under pressure, Tucker only gets bolder. His ratings have been stellar, which shows that there is a real desire for someone willing to call a spade a spade, and not apologize for it.

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