The Online SJW Mob Is After Oklahoma State’s Football Coach For Wearing An OAN Shirt

Chuba Hubbard, a star running back from Oklahoma State, is unhappy with his coach, Mike Gundy. (He of the “I’m a man, I’m 40” fame). Hubbard saw a photo of Gundy wearing a shirt that had what he deemed to be an offensive, right wing message.

I know what you’re about to say: Was Gundy wearing a shirt with a Confederate Flag? Did his shirt have some other cryptic message that the Jemele Hills of the world would find racist?

Gundy wore a shirt with…wait for it… OAN (One America News) Logo. Yes, the world truly has lost the plot in 2020.

Yes, a shirt with a news network logo has triggered someone. I doubt this dude ever watched OAN.

What is even more mind-numbing is that people are defending Chuba Hubbard. Several teammates have voiced their support for the star running back, and other morons on twitter have joined in on the stupidity.

OAN is a right-wing news network. Those who are defending Hubbard are citing that OAN has propped up conspiracy theories and has a “troubling background of made-up reporting on racial issues” according to some hack at Sporting News. Yup, anyone not in lockstep with the mainstream DNC media lackeys is “troubling”.

If we lived in a sane, reasonable society, Hubbard and these other loons would get mocked for being soft. That’s not the case. You can complain about anything that’s not far-left social justice propaganda and you’ll have the full support of the media and the online lynch mob, no matter how insanely stupid it is.

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