The 5 Most Cringeworthy Examples Of White Guilt During The Past Two Weeks

White guilt has hit an all time high as a result of the fallout of the death of George Floyd. Sure, the white guilt element has existed for quite some time, long before George Floyd. The thing is that now, those people are shouting it from the highest mountain possible and attempting to bully others into joining them. 

The virtue signaling has become more ridiculous by the day, and doesn’t look like it’s about to stop anytime soon. More people will bow to the pressure and happily denounce their whiteness as if they were reading a hostage letter.

Here are some of the most cringeworthy examples of the last few weeks. If we’re going to light western civilization on fire, we might as well have a few laughs over it.

1. Oh no, not the damn celebrities again

We can always count on celebrities to act as our moral compass. We make fun of this as out of touch and incredibly douchy (it is), but it’s calculated on their part. They know that if they espouse the trendy “sorry for being white” views, they won’t have to actually do anything virtuous. It’s a convenient arrangement, so no wonder celebs continue to make fools of themselves.

2. Wash my feet, whitey.

The practice of foot washing has roots in Biblical times. Jesus would wash the feet of peasants to show his humility. In 2020, guilt-stricken white people are washing the feet of two black pastors to denounce their privilege and apologize on behalf of all us white folks. Honestly kind of racist when you think about it…shhhhh….don’t tell them.

3. Help, I’m kneeling and I can’t get up.

Of all the Democrat pandering that I’ve seen in my life, and it has not been in short supply, this takes the cake. I’d normally feel bad about laughing at an old woman who has trouble standing up after her pander session, but not if that old woman is Nancy Pelosi (I’d feel the same if it were Hillary Clinton).

These people can’t detect irony either, seeing as how one of the mortal sins one can commit in the religion known as woke evangelism is a little something called “cultural appropriation”. For the non-woke, this means that you can’t use something from another culture. It’s not clear where the line is. Can white people eat Chinese food? Probably OK(for now). Can old white people wear a traditional African cloth to make a statement to the black community? That is a resounding hell no-considering that a woke mob famously came after a white girl in Utah for wearing a kimono to her prom. If you ever thought our leftist elite cared about holding itself to its own absurd standards, here’s your answer. 

Want more irony? The cloth these frauds are wearing is actually the type worn by the tribe members responsible for selling people into slavery.

4. Woke Cult Meeting

Speaking of woke evangelism, here’s a mass confessional for the unforgivable sin of being white. This looks like one hell of a cult meeting. Naturally, one may wonder whether Kool-Aid was consumed at this cult meeting, but the participants would probably think I was racist for mentioning Kool-Aid. Maybe grape drank?

I’ll never understand the thought process that compels one to participate in this form of moral masochism. Maybe I’m just a terrible person.

5. Master trolling

This video made the rounds on the internet. This black dude went around New York (I think?) and conned white people into doing whatever the hell he told them to. Not gonna lie, I respect it. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. If I were black, I would be doing the same thing.

This list could be much longer, but you get the point. Collective guilt has become the norm these days. People are legitimately afraid of voicing any opinions to the contrary. As long as that continues, people will continue to make asses of themselves.

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