RNC Sets Jacksonville, FL as New Convention Location

The RNC has announced that Jacksonville, FL will be the new alternative location for the 2020 convention. The re-location was caused by the inability to hold a formal convention in Charlotte, NC due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The GOP chairwomen weighed in on the decision on Twitter:

So, why was did GOP make the move? The main reasoning is due to the NC governor, Roy Cooper. Cooper — a Democrat — has previously said it was “very unlikely” the GOP could hold a convention in his state. Because of this, it was doubtful that an acceptance speech could be given in front of a large crowd by the President.

There are several strong reasons why Florida was a strong choice. First, it’s one of the few states that provides access to hold large events. The state is also the President’s home state after he re-located there earlier this year. Florida as always will be a key state in determining the election. A victory in Florida is necessary for a Trump re-election.

Plans are still being formed but it’ll be interesting to see how the RNC is held. Will the acceptance speeches be held inside or outside? Will the indoor events have a limited capacity? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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