Jon Jones Stopped Looters, Helped Small Businesses and Called For Policy Change

When nationwide looting and rioting broke out last weekend following the death of George Floyd, Jon Jones took to the streets to defend his community. Rioting had spread to downtown Albuquerque last Sunday night, where Jones lives and trains out of. Several properties were broken into and damaged while shots were fired at police officers.

Video later emerged that shows Jon Jones confronting and shutting down vandals. “Give me the spray can,” he said, easily ripping it out of an Antifa manlet’s hand. The video went viral and Jones has largely been praised for his actions.

The next day, Jon Jones and other members of the Jackson Wink gym returned to the streets of Albuquerque in order help damaged small businesses. Jones and his crew could be seen boarding up vulnerable businesses. “You guys need help with small businesses? We’re here. Hit us up” Jones said via Instagram.

The light-heavyweight champ then met with members of the Albuquerque police department that night. He and other armed men offered their services in defending ABQ, though the police seemed reluctant to accept. “We very much understand the frustration of business owners, in particular, who are trying to protect their property,” APD spokesperson Gilbert Gallegos said to KOB 4. “But, the police – we’re downtown and dealing with these situations, we have a whole series of steps we take to try, and create the least amount of escalation – or potential of escalation – as possible at first,” he continued.

While Jon Jones defended Albuquerque from looters, he also peacefully called for police reform and voiced his disgust over the murder of George Floyd. “There needs to be a nationwide policy change. When a man is in handcuffs and is screaming that he cannot breathe. Get the fuck off his chest and or neck. If you cant hold a man who is in handcuffs down by his feet you’re a pussy and probably shouldn’t be wearing that badge.” Jones said in a tweet. “That officer was disgusting and every other officer, Brown person white person, yellow, citizen in this country should be pissed off. We need justice,” he stated in another.

Jones has largely been praised for his efforts with helping Albuquerque.

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