George Floyd And Michael Brown Are Two Entirely Different Scenarios, But The Mob Doesn’t Care

Controversial police killings present plenty of “mask off” opportunities. The killing of George Floyd has been no different, with Ice Cube calling for African Americans to “strike back” against cops in a tweet. This was retweeted 28,000 times and garnered 68,000 likes. Cube then shared a fake photo purporting to show the officer involved in the George Floyd killing wearing a “Make America White Again Hat” to the tune of 9,000 retweets. Though totally debunked, the tweet is still up and has yet to be “fact checked” by Twitter.

With that said, Americans are largely in agreement that the killing of George Floyd was unwarranted and should result in criminal charges. That much is largely undisputed.

What has happened however, as has been the case in the past, are full scale riots complete with far left radicals and black identity militants. The George Floyd killing is instantly tied to other police shootings – such as that of Michael Brown – that were much less cut and dry. It was reported for months that Brown “had his hands up” when shot by officer Darren Wilson. NFL players came out of the tunnel with their hands up prior to a game and the claim was spread far and wide.

Photo: Reuters

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According to a report courtesy of Barrack Obama’s DOJ, Michael Brown did not have his hands up. Investigators interviewed over 40 witnesses and multiple stated that Brown was seen reaching into the police vehicle and grabbing Wilson’s gun, which is what Wilson had claimed all along.

Still, Ferguson burned and there are people who think that Michael Brown had his hands up to this day.

The point is that the “documented pattern” that radicals and moderates alike point to is really a cluster of messy incidents, blatant lies and yes, clear cut acts of police wrongdoing such as the killing of George Floyd.

They’re not factoring in the DOJ report when referencing Michael Brown. In the eyes of the mob, every single high profile police shooting since Obama needed to get re-elected has been the result of blatant racism against black men. The media has been running these stories breathlessly since 2012. Lebron tweets about how he’s “hunted” in the streets for being black. After a while, it just becomes accepted as fact.

There just has to be racism bro!

So, if this is the case; those who claim that police brutality targeting blacks is an epidemic of unspeakable proportions should have no issue listing ten examples, correct? It should be reflexive and given how dramatically those like John Boyega speak, they should probably be able to find ten in this year alone.

This will be a challenge for the average Twitter user who’s woke on George Floyd and police brutality, however. For every Philando Castille or George Floyd – where the police appear clearly in the wrong – there’s a Michael Brown case; where leftist politicians and media outlets hype up messy incidents ahead of an election.

The mob reacts to stimuli, not data. The TV said that blacks are hunted in the streets, so blacks are hunted in the streets. To deny this is racist. Denials will be met with screaming, cursing and some variation of “YOU’RE WHITE, YOU CAN’T SPEAK” as some fat, white wildebeest with pink hair proclaims that Mike Brown had his hands up.

Data doesn’t support the claims of widespread, targeted killing of blacks at the hands of the police. A 2019 study conducted at the University of California accounted for far more than base numbers in a study that categorized police shootings by race in 2015. They found that the race of the victim strongly correlated with the violent crime rates in that county. “Race-specific violent crime was a very strong predictor of civilian race, explaining 44% of the variance in the race of a person fatally shot. This reveals that the race of a person who is fatally shot closely tracks same-race violent crime, at least as indexed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention homicide data” the report stated.

The Berkeley study also found that African American or Hispanic victims of police shootings were more likely to be shot by a non-white officer. “We find no evidence of anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparities across shootings, and White officers are not more likely to shoot minority civilians than non-White officers. Instead, race-specific crime strongly predicts civilian race” researchers say in the introduction.

Again though, the mob doesn’t care. Extremists like Jemele Hill and Ice Cube had their minds made up before George Floyd and they’ll have them made up long after. Sadly, the black lives matter movement has been hijacked by extremists and is used as a tool by radical politicians such as Ilhan Omar, who appeared to justify the riots in a tweet.

Extremists and liars have poisoned the well and use tragedies such as the killing of George Floyd to advance a radical, anti-white agenda that has nothing to do with George Floyd. It’s why a man with a Trump bumper sticker was savagely beaten.

I’m telling you though, they were out there for GEORGE FLOYD! Nothing to see here, and if you’re not a communist who believes blacks are hunted daily in the streets, well…… you should maybe get with the educated crowd and start basing your world views on a cluster of dramatic videos and tweets from a guy who puts a ball in a hoop for a living. Get with the times!

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