Common Biden Defense Tactics Employed By The Media Industrial Complex

Election 2020 season is heating up fast. While I predicted that Joe Biden will be replaced and won’t be the Democratic candidate on the ballot in November, the DNC seems to be going full speed ahead with old Sleepy Joe as of now.

One would think that with all of his faults, support for Joe Biden would be dwindling. As someone who understands that politics is a team sport, I know that most people on the left will still vote for Biden despite all of his shortcomings. Anything to get rid of Trump, orange man bad.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s nearly impossible for Biden’s allies in the DNC and the media to completely ignore this stuff (they would love to), so we have seen different tactics in how these shortcomings have been addressed. 

If you’re paying attention, the left is breaking into 2 different groups when it comes to this subject. 

The first group consists of the people who rush to defend Biden with every gaffe and disastrous sound bite (and credible sexual assault accusation). These people are Olympic-level mental gymnasts. 

Here are some examples of what I mean:

1: Deflect blame

When you’ve been caught and called out for your blatant hypocrisy, deflect and blame the whole thing on the people calling you out. The classic “Republicans Pounce” headline.

The mainstream media knows that they overplayed their hand during the Kavanaugh fiasco, and the chickens have come home to roost. You’re unlikely to see any of them admit it because they have to convince their readers that it’s okay to vote for a credibly accused sexual offender even though they tried to railroad a different guy for the same thing (and a less credible accusation) 2 years ago. 

What’s the easy solution? Make shit up. We know this headline is absurd, but there are people who will believe it. They WANT to believe it.

2: Discredit/smear

Some people have gone as far as to smear Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade.

Isn’t this what we call victim blaming?

If your memory is good enough to remember the Kavanaugh confirmation in 2018, this may seem odd coming from the left. That is because it is. Anyone who dared question Kavanaugh’s accusers was ridiculed and accused of victim blaming.

Fast forward to 2020 and Tara Reade is fair game. Not only have people questioned her story (there are holes, as there are with many accusations), they’ve tried to discredit HER.

3: “He was joking!”

Maybe he was joking. It’s certainly possible, but we know damn well that Trump or anyone else on the right doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt from outlets like WaPo. The bottom line is that Biden said something that could be considered racist. He said it and everyone heard it.

As you can see from Jemele Hill’s tweet, she agrees with Biden. People like her have no tolerance for black conservatives, or for that matter anyone from a so-called marginalized group that doesn’t play identity politics. 

Her tweet is especially head-scratching. “He was joking, but if he wasn’t, I agree with him.” Which one is it?

4: “Whataboutism”

There’s also a lot of “whataboutism” going on with this crowd. “Drumpf did that too and he’s worse!”

Also, just search “now do trump” on twitter. You can’t bring up Biden’s sexual assault allegations or his racist comments without a “now do Trump” rebuttal from some intellectually devoid mouth-breather. 

“But Drumpf said fine people on both sides!”

It’s hilarious to hear this thoroughly debunked accusation become a mainstream talking point.

There is another group of Biden supporters (or Trump haters) out there. The second group seems to be smaller, or at least less vocal. While I disagree with them, I’ll give them credit for at least being honest.

The Nation makes no bones about it. These are far left-wing ideologues who are troubled by Reade’s accusations and Biden’s comment about black voters. They just hate Trump and don’t want him appointing any more judges. It’s that simple.

Though I can’t read minds, I would imagine that most of the left feels this way. I just have more respect for the people who admit it. While I couldn’t be further from them ideologically, I have far more respect for these far-left “true believers” than I do the mainstream leftists that toe the party line 100%. They’re at least honest about what they want. Good on you, commies.

It’s not that hard, people. Just admit you’d rather vote for the racist misogynist who will appoint judges you like and not for the racist misogynist who tweets mean things and wants to build a wall to keep out brown people and inject you with Clorox. 

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